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Rough Vegetable Wine Logos 2-Major Project by EmersonWolfe Rough Vegetable Wine Logos 2-Major Project by EmersonWolfe
Class: Graphic Design III
-Logo design for a fake company
Company Mission: Maurice Cole is dedicated to creating innovative vegetable wines made with farm fresh vegetables to be served with everyday meals.
Key Descriptors:

Critiques from my prof:
-vegetable graphics are too "illustrative"
-vegetable images interfere with the type (change opacity and/or add a banner)
-font needs a lot of work (think of using a script?)

So in these logos I changed the opacity on the beet (I'm going to change the potatoes & pumpkins) and I tried out some scripty/handwritten fonts. My prof and I are going to go over my logos in a day or two. Will post the results from that.

Critiques please? This is for class, I could use some help with the design. SO MANY FONTS D: D: Thanks :dummy:
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ZombieHun Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
okay, i made a sketch of an idea and i will explain it [link]

firstly, forgive me but i dont know at what stage you are with this project.

okay, so i read your key words and i noticed fun, novelty, casual. So, with the type treatment, you want to remember that for a font style, you want to make sure if you have two different ones, you pick a serif font and a sans serif which you have done here. Also, you want the sub text font to NOT be as distracting as your main title font. so, your main title font will be the more fun looking on and more dominate. Size and placement are key for your type treatment. I can't really get into a whole explanation on type treatment, as thats what your type classes are for. And if type is an optional class, I highly recommend taking as many as you can because Type will make or break a project.

for the image, I chose to marry the vegetable with the wine concept. I used Rhubarb because it is a vegetable that I've seen transformed into wine (plus its a very yummy wine)

The layout and placement overall I wanted to treat it like a classy label so that it is clean and easy to read.

okay, hope this insight was at all useful and if you ahve any other questions feel free to ask. and just a reminder, what i provided for a sample was not my suggestion to change your work, it was merely a sample piece that i came up with
EmersonWolfe Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012  Professional General Artist
Ohh Rhubarb, I didn't think of that one. These flavours are based off of my grandpa's wines so they're kinda set.
So are you saying that I should change the "Vegetable Wine" font to a sans serif or to leave it as is?
I do have a typography classes, it's just not one of my strong suits. I've ordered some books on it.
One of the mandates was that it should almost scream vegetable. We had a crit in class today, and my prof said I was having type issues and that the imagery should be more "graphic-looking" than illustrative (except my beets were fine, haha). My prof and classmates suggested changing the opacity or adding a boarder or like a ribbon. I'm going to edit it a little more then post more.
ZombieHun Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
type treatment is one of the hardest skill to learn.

for your font treatment, you either make one or the other a serif font. I only picked the vegetable wines for the serif because its the more "classic" look for the word "wine" and I figured the name Maurice should look a little more whimsical. I think the current font you're using for Vegetable Wine is too thick, I used Times New Roman.

The other thing here is the actual placement of your type, overall it looks rather awkward and there is alot of very large gaps, kerning, between words and letters. If you look at my sample I have treated the type more organized without letting the image interfere with it.

the best trick for adjusting your kerning of your words is to flip the text upside down so that it no longer look like words but are instead actual shapes so you can space them smartly :) try that little trick

For your vegetable image, I think it looks pretty graphic but what he may have meant was to simplify it even more...kinda like an abbreviation of an image, and create better contrast to the layer of leaves you have going on. maybe just stick to one beat (its a beat, right?). And for the beat, go with a slightly more illustrative approach so it looks more fun instead of a clip-art rendition
EmersonWolfe Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012  Professional General Artist
Ohh okay. I see what you're saying about the vegetable font being too much.
Yeah, my prof said we might have to play around with placement (I have a whole bunch of thumbnails with placements & such).
Yeah I'm going to do some more tweaking of my imagery.
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November 12, 2012
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