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Media, Design and Dramatic Arts Shelf by EmersonWolfe Media, Design and Dramatic Arts Shelf by EmersonWolfe
Class: Graphic Design IV
First things first: IT'S FINALLY FINISHED. OMG I WORKED ON THIS BABY FOR 16 HOURS Sorry about the ridiculous watermark. Done for the PC lab at my college. We were to design a 'decal' for two of the computer labs to represent the school of Media, Design and Dramatic Arts.

Warning, wall of text & I don't know how to do a "read more" with this silly new uploader.

Created a word web to generate ideas; I wanted the design to have personality and show off the school. Through my word mapping and reference gathering I decided that the best way to represent the school was to make it into a shelf. A shelf is a great medium to hold information and detail. I wanted to include at least one item per course within the school of Media, Design and Dramatic Arts.
Starting from top to bottom the items are: a microphone, a Pokeball, storage boxes, a DSLR camera, the Tardis, a banner, a Kraft dinner box, books, a keychain, a usb stick, a sticky note, drama masks, mobile applications, pencils, a Tim Horton’s coffee cup, a figurine, a vase of miscellaneous art supplies, a printer and 7 push pins (that are randomly placed around the shelf). Each item has significance. The microphone is to represents the radio program. The storage boxes have camera accessories and batteries in them; two things that probably all programs come into contact with. Multiple programs in the school; including Graphic Design and Visual Cinematography use DSLR Cameras. The banner mimics a sports team banner but it acts as a way to define what the room is and display the school’s name. The Kraft dinner box is hidden among the books as a shout out to college life. Each book on the shelf has a unique title; each title helps represent the different programs. I knew I wanted to hide the Canadore College logo in the shelf somewhere; I figured the best place to put it was on a key chain so it’s small but still noticeable. Everyone probably uses USB sticks, so of course I had to include one. The sticky note is more of a joke; I and probably many other students use sticky notes as reminders, so this sticky note serves as a reminder for people to call their mom’s. The drama masks are to depict the Dramatic Arts Course. The three “application tiles” are to showcase the Mobile Apps program; on these tiles I placed the Windows logo, the logo for Wi-Fi and the Facebook logo.
Every college student needs their coffee; so the Tim Horton’s cup was a must to include since most of the student population goes there. I had trouble coming up with a solution on how to represent the TV program; I couldn’t put any of their actual equipment on the shelf because it was too big. Instead, I drew a figurine of a student holding on of the fancy cameras. The miscellaneous art supplies on the shelf are used by almost all students, these items include; pencils, fine liner pens, a paintbrush, a ruler and a drawing tablet stylus. The printer is a nod to both the print shop and college life; either have to go to the print shop or pay a lot for printer ink. A few of the items on the shelf are like ‘Easter eggs’ or ‘where’s waldo’ –like the Tardis (for my love of Doctor Who), a Pokeball (for my love of Pokemon), and 7 pushpins (each a colour of the rainbow). Using the warp tool and other transform tools in illustrator I created the wood texture, which I then applied onto the shelf. The entire design was done using Illustrator.
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LivingWorkInProgress Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2013  Student General Artist
The only thing that would make this any better would be if you added shadowing. Love the finished version. Very detailed. SOooOOoooo much work!
EmersonWolfe Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2013  Professional General Artist
Yeah, I thought of adding shading but there just wasn't enough time.
LivingWorkInProgress Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2013  Student General Artist
This turned out great! I'm glad you decided to do the wood texture!!
EmersonWolfe Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2013  Professional General Artist
thanks :dummy:
Same. The door just looked unfinished without the texture.
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February 3, 2013
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