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Mar2013 Challenge: Day 10 by EmersonWolfe Mar2013 Challenge: Day 10 by EmersonWolfe
Day 10: Favourite Fire Type
So I've decided to torture myself and do a sketchbook challenge for March. Here's the challenge: [link]

A couple days behind, so I'm using today to hopefully catch up. Silly homework, getting in the way of personal projects. My favourite Fire type was a pretty easy choice, the flaming war pig Emboar was my choice (it was that or Charizard). But who goes though all the effort to breed over 500 Tepigs in hope for a shiny? This person right here. Charizard was my favourite fire but when Gen 5 came out, I fell in love with the overall design of Emboar & its help in battle during play throughs. So this Emboar here is special, her name is Bertha and she's the shiny Emboar I bred using the shiny breeding techniques. She was definitely worth all the effort and wait, I was even super lucky and she has decent IVs and nature and she's female! With most (or all?) starter Pokemon is only like a 12.5% chance of a female, with those odds on top of the odds of getting a shiny, Bertha is one lucky pig. Sketched and then coloured in Adobe Illustrator 5.5
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March 12, 2013
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