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Inspire. Invent. Imagine. by EmersonWolfe Inspire. Invent. Imagine. by EmersonWolfe
Class: Graphic Design IV
First things first: IT'S FINALLY FINISHED. OMG IT'S DUE TOMORROW AND I STARTED THIS LIKE 2 DAYS AGO. DRAWING MARATHON & ALMOST AN ALL NIGHTER LATER and poof! It's finally done! oh and it's like 3am here. time for sleeps.

Sorry about the ridiculous watermark. Done for the PC lab at my college. We were to design a 'decal' for two of the computer labs to represent the school of Media, Design and Dramatic Arts.

Update, slightly smaller wall of text from the PC Lab Door. Oh hello, I'm somewhat alive again after 3 hours of sleep.

This door design began the same way the other one did; with word mapping, references and roughs. The concept for the design is how it feels to be inspired and creative. The concept also came from the though of “what if your art came to life?”
The overall mood of the piece is joy, wonder and to be inspiring. The animals and shines flying out of the Macbook are to be uplifting and create movement though out the design. Each animal moves you in a different direction; the fish draw attention to the student, the butterfly points towards him and the dragonfly. The student is looking at the dragonfly, which is pointed at the sea turtle who draws your eye back over to the bird. Facing downwards, the bird leads your eyes back down to the fish, which is when the eye can be lead into the text below. I chose to use my own handwriting because of the technique I used to create the glowing effect in Photoshop and it matches the look of the animals. The student is wearing a red to represent Canadore College and his drawing tablet is a dark green to complement it.
The same can be seen in the background with the floor being orange and the background being blue; I used the complementary colours to enhance each other. The words “inspire, invent, and imagine“ is a tag line I came up with to go with the design and represent the school of Media, Design and Dramatic Arts and is a nudge to Apple calling their products names like” iPhone”. The text “Mac Lab” I feel isn’t needed because of the visual representation of the Mac. After completing the designs, both were applied to a template of the door.
LivingWorkInProgress Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2013  Student General Artist
LOL I love that you pulled this off in 2 days! Mine is finally done too! I'm dying from lack of sleeeeeep....
EmersonWolfe Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2013  Professional General Artist
I was surprised that I was able to pull it off. Thanks for you help with it.
LivingWorkInProgress Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2013  Student General Artist
No problemo!
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February 8, 2013
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