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Zeus - Orbital Sniper in action

Tried some pseudo anime thingy. If this was a real thing it would obviously be some high budget OVA shit. 

"The Zeus is armed with a Thunderbolt graviton rifle, which fires a condensed energy beam that is highly sensitive to gravitional changes.
This allows the beam to be fired in a curved or straight line depending on the beam's acceleration, and the position and altitude of the Zeus above the Earth. 
There are war stories and rumors told of legendary marksmen that could hit targets that were located on the opposite side of the planet with the mere knowledge of the their targets' coordinates."

This guy would belong in the same universe as this one: 
EW-02 Hekaton by emersontung

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Jan 8, 2012, 4:00:08 PM
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Gravity waves affect the passage of time. Maybe this gun is one that ages people prematurely, decomposing its targets from orbit?

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This is really cool but, is it an original design or is it a mech of some particular anime?
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The best sniper right there.
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the damage that would cause...
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it's always "planet buster" with most robot these days, your idea is just AWESOME and a trend i would totally welcome XD
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thanks! Cheers!
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sick! precision death from low orbit. This could also implement satellite triangulation for multi-perspective target acquisition. 
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Reminds me of the Bogey suit from Vanquish. Nice :)
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was looking at it for some time... i feel like it might have ben modelled after soem insect. backpack and legs feels like they were made after Dragonfly.
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Yeah, someone else also commented there was an insectoid look to it. They were saying it felt like a bumblebee but I think dragonfly is more accurate. 
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I am amazed that it almost looks like being shot from a tv screen.
How long did you need to get that image done?
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I try to get pieces done within a day. Couple hours if possible. 
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instand follow and fav
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Sexy design. I'd love to see more of this.
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Will try and do more! 
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One I would definitely want to watch :)
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In the slim chance I ever get to make it Imma recruit you to animate it! 
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Haha. Thanks ^-^ maybe we could make a test for fun sometime :)
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Ah yeah! Let's do it. What would you need from me? 
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haha. If we do it will have to be something simple, so that it's manageable :) I really don't know right now but maybe something like a pilot sitting or standing on a giant robot's shoulder. Maybe the robot is walking slowly and the pilot is just holding on. There may be wind and particles flying. It would be a loop.  The robot's animation could be just painted layers moving. Camera could be close to the face of the robot. Pilot could sit on the head or stand near the neck/shoulder. his/her body would be swaying with the walk of the mecha.
Well I'm just thinking aloud really ^_^
You have an idea maybe?
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