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Psycrow Redesign

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A follow up to my Earthworm Jim piece, here's Psycrow! More of the Earthworm Jim cast to come soon!

Earthworm Jim redesigns:
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Psycrow: "I love da smell of bacon in da mornin"
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Ha nice love em man great stuff
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(Insert Psy-Crow's famous quote kthxbye)
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Loved this game. Nice work.
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You kidding me? ... hhahahahha It's AMAZING : D
Eager to see the princess. *-*
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It's coming soon.
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Another win! Keep going!

emersontung's avatar
Aye aye Captain!
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more please!!!!!
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This is just awesome !

It makes me want to grab my megadrive pad !
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Not quite as unique as your Jim re-design, but still pretty cool.
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Yeah, I'd have to agree with that. It was a little harder to work with Psycrow cause he's just wearing an astronaut suit... Do you have any suggestions?
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Well...You went with more of a mech aethetic for Jim's power suit, I guess maybe that couldive been carried over to Psycrow's spacesuit in some way.

Maybe also make his hook gun into some kind of big under slung weapon (Think Heavy from TF2) to offset Jim's big arm cannon.

Just things off the top of my head.
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yeah, the gun bit kinda hit me after I finished. I'll probably go back and fix it up once I have the time.
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I like the fact the suit has tubes and other functional details like the pouches, antenna and grappling hook rope, they make it look a bit more real while respecting the cartoony aspect of the character.
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Thanks! I was basing it off those old Russian astronaut suits, which I believe was what inspired the original character.
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I can certainly see their inspiration in there, now that you mention it!
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DUDE <3 Yes moar Earthworm Jim! You'll definitively need to draw a cow.
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Hahahah, you read my mind! I was planning to draw the cow too. XD
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