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Mammut Heavy Tankhead

"The fire of the Mammut Heavy Tankhead roared like the ancient beast from which the war machine got its name."
For my project Tankhead. 
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Very interesting I have been thinking of a good quadruplet mech designs that looks bulky that look awesome and now I have a good reference in how to consider design them.

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cheers! Glad to inspire!

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Ah! an elephant

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*Mechanized Elephant Trumpeting* 
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Just formed a mental image of that main gun firing, the entire beast sinks back on its legs and slowly rises back to full height...gasses from the firing rising from the muzzle and vents under its "jowls" ..somewhere in the distance a building or bunker ceases to exist...if I can quickly form a very vivid image of it in action...ya did good.
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mmmmmyes, exactly how i picture it in my head myself. 
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No pewpewpew,here. Just ground shaking bone-rattling fear-inspiring thoomp thoomp thoomp Hissssssss....chooonk Kawhummmmpp!!!!!!
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dem hisssess hngh
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Awesomely Stunning
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......... Y'know, it's really quite impressive that you can design a vehicle *that* big and *still make me go "... No, you actually look too light for a gun that big, I think you'll tip over backwards if you fire that huge friggin thing." XD
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Unless the gun is actually an electromagnetic rail and doesn't actually causes recoil. 
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Are railguns recoilless? Can't recall ever hearing that, but then I've never seen even a small one fired- 
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Hmm, had to look it up myself.
So the amount of recoil would be the same as a conventional cannon, but it's spread out with smaller force over a longer period of time vs a strong instantaneous recoil in a conventional gun.…
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Extremely badass. Is the main cannon conventional, or some sort of electronically-assisted supergun?
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Right on. The main gun is basically an electromagnet-powered railgun. 
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Look that booty, dang! Truly amazing! Outstanding work!

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Feel like this would be built by your equivalent of the ottoman empire.
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