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Earthworm Jim Redesign

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A quick redesign of Earthworm Jim. This is probably the first fanart/fanredesign that I've done in a long while, but he's too cool of a character to pass up. Hope you guys like!

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This is Badass plus Groovy

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Love this redesign. :)
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Welp, guess I just found my favourite thing I've seen all week! Nicely done!
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A modern update that also stays true to the fun! Awesome, man!
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I freakin love it man! You've made amazing design of him! Looks so neat! :D
Pyramedes's avatar
I love how you actually made it look like a robot suit. most designs of him don't include that. (it usually just looks like a buff worm)
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Seeing this, I dare to say a Gizmoduck redesign by Our Host would be just as epic.
Really big ray gun just got upgraded to badass arm cannon. Bless you, Emerson
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This'd be perfect for a reboot
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If only a game company would do one. 
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Now all we need is a steam/diesel punk version and we'll be all set.

Nice work. 
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You need a gundam visor and sheild.
I can see this becoming him in an Earthworm Jim reboot or something.
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awesome suit redesign
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LOL, I loved this game!! Great redesign :)
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