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DOOM - MP Cultist Armor Set


Armor sets for DOOM (2016) Multiplayer.

All Images © id Software, LLC, a Zenimax Media Company.

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This is probably a shot in the dark, but was there ever any concept art of the Gore Nest? Nothing in the 2016 artbook, nothing but the Super Gore Nest in Eternal, and as far as I can tell none of the concept artists posted one to any social media/art sites that I can find. Was there just never one made, or..?

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There was one made by Alex Palma, but it was never published I guess.

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Bought the artbook, saw your name, and now I see you here! Cheers, Emerson, and I'm a really big fan of the game.
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thanks man. Glad you enjoyed the game!
I know people seem to like comparing every power armor ever to Halo stuff, but this really does look quite a bit like Mjolnir.
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You're right. the Spartan armors are totally based off BDSM gimp suits too. 
If me making a comment on similarity between sci-fi armors riles you enough to be sarcastic, you might need to go do something relaxing, go play with a pet or something.
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