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DOOM Eternal - Urdak Stasis Chamber

Some of the work I’m most proud of while working on DOOM Eternal, was coming up with the look of heaven for a Doom universe, which ultimately became Urdak. The architecture of Urdak was inspired by artists like H.R Giger, Takayuki Takeya along with marble statues the Renaissance, and gothic Cathedrals.

This was the first piece to nail the interior architecture look and feel of the level, and was revealed during Quakecon 2018. 

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These are so gorgeous! I wish we had more Urdak/Heaven in-game instead of killing it off right away. I would've loved to have explored more places in Heaven. <3

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Thank you! There is another Urdak level in the Ancient Gods Part 1 DLC, if you haven't played it yet.

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I know, I have. I just wanted to see more non-fallen areas of Heaven. More missions *to* heaven before it was wrecked. The Holt is still gorgeous, but still it would've been nice.

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thank you! Cheers!

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this is just to good
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“Magnificent, isn’t it?”

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the glory of Urdak

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