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DOOM Eternal - Early Maykr Ideation

Early ideation sketch on how the Maykrs could look like in DOOM Eternal. 

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Hello, I'm really curious about something. I expected that Father would also appear in ancient gods DLC2 as seraphims appeared in the form of a hologram, but Father didn't show up until the end of the game.... It was a pity that the opportunity to see father's maykr form had disappeared permanently...

This is my guess, but aren't you already finished Father's concept art, but you can't reveal it to Doom community fans? If this is a question you can't answer, you don't have to answer it. I just really want to see Father's official concept art... Is there any possibility that father's concept art will be officially released on DOOM twitter in the future?

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I think you should have kept the eyes concept, or did research on biblically accurate angels

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I did do my research, and the art direction ultimately is not up to me. I can see how it would be tonally off if we went the route of biblically accurate angels given the tone, story and context of the game we made.

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When I first saw this concept, I thought that was the seraphim due the multiple "wings"

And it's my favorite maykr design from you!

It would be awesome to see something similar in the future

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Yea, I saw some people making the connection with Samuel Hayden because of the single blue eye slit, which I didn't realise at all when I first drew this concept. Fun to have the fans guessing at the time though.

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