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DOOM Eternal - Crucible

Final Crucible Design and some ideations. It was fun to explore what the Doomslayer's personal Crucible would look like for the video game DOOM Eternal. 

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Third one on the bottom is the Dark Lord's
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I dig the axes. They look like they'd be weapons for a mid to late 90's action figure of some kind.

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cheers! I'm glad they give off that vibe. A lot of Doom Eternal is influenced by stuff from the 90s.

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But...Doom WAS the nineties.

Daisy told me.

Daisy Alter of Pain
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The final and bottom right blade are awesome in their own right. One of them looked TOO Warhammer 40K/Gears of War.

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Literal bleeding edge technology
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I kind of like the idea that there were different customizable types of crucible weapons for individual Night Sentinels (ex: the Betrayer's crucible warhammer as well as the different-shaped weapons seen in the codex art) since different weapons would be useful in different situations against different types of enemies.

We were so close to crucible chainswords being official canon....

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Haha yea, I was really into the chainsword idea too, but oh well. Keep the dream alive though, who knows what might come in the future.

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