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DOOM Eternal - Atlan Mech

Atlan mech design that was used in the environment for the video game DOOM Eternal.
This mech was a really fun one to design for the game, eventhough we never got to see it in action.

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Doom eternal is a significantly weaker game without us driving the Slayer's own Doom Atlan even more so after the two dlcs.

But at least we put a hole in Mars XD

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As I explored the Fortress of Doom, I thought to myself “All this time, Doom Slayer had a Jaeger and never once considered using it!?”

(Pacific Rim reference btw)
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Seeing those big dudes in action in TAG 2 was so satisfactory, that one special scene was really epic.

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The mech is so cool. I was hoping you would be able to pilot one in the game.

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man woudnt it be cool if one part of the game u are piloting this?

Do you have this in high res? This looks great for a wallpaper, but it’s kinda blurry.

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I like the fact that this one, Designed by the Knight Sentanels was inspired after the Doom Slayer's armor. Whats the story with this design? What was the motive?

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The mecha design is actually designed based on the armors of the Knight Sentinels, which are pretty similiar to the armor worn by the Doomslayer.

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If only you could pilot one.
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Titanfall+Doom crossover game when? :D

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haha maybe one day

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maaan i remember seeing the mechs in the background of hell on earth in the trailers and hoped we'd get to pilot them so damn bad

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I agree with Owl-Robot

It would be cool to pilot these in a 'few' areas or something. Still awesome none the less.

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Seemed like a waste and tease...Would have been a lot more fun to have a section in the game where the Slayer got to pilot one of these rather then the whole power fantasy, man god, angle they kept pushing.

I forget the dude's name at ID, but every interview I saw of him talking up how powerful the Slayer was always felt to me like this guy is living out his midlife crisis though the development of this game.

But I digress I suppose...Cool mech.

Maybe we'll get to pilot one of these in the next DLC?

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a lot of doom eternal feels like a midlife crisis to me. the whole man cave thing especially. the camp and humor was great at first, but sometimes it makes me feel like they didn't have much investment in the story despite hyping up this "doom universe." thanks for putting it into words cause this has been on my mind a while now, just didn't know how to say it

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Maybe, I donno...Maybe I'm being a little harsh, but that is kinda how I felt about some of the over hyping of the Slayer as a "character"...I don't have anything against the idea of the "man cave" in his base and all that...I think that's at least fun and amusing in it's own right.

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nah, the base is fine, and it's honestly pretty in-character. i liked it at first and my distaste probably comes from things unrelated to the game. i think im just depressed and games like eternal just aren't for me anymore, though im not sure how much of that has to do with the massive change in tone from the last game, i think i got burnt out on hype. i've got to cut this short because there's no way to reconcile my feelings about this game without a therapist

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Sorry to hear, didn't mean to open any wounds. To a certain extent I can relate on feelings of losing a connection with things of which I once enjoyed, or getting burned out all together.

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do you think you can draw an elven city next?

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I HOPE in Part 2 of The Ancients, we will get to pilot this. 8o

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