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I haven't added a journal entry in..........AGES!!!! So I'm gonna add one now ^3^ Okay, well my prom is on 4th May and I'm going in a limo with 6 of my friends ^^ They are: Natasha, Lindsay, Charlotte, Emily, Hayley and Nana.

I've got my dress for my birthday (22nd March) and it's black with a cute biege & black striped bow on the left side and the straps criss-cross at the back. But...I still need to get my shoes >.< and my bag >.<

I'm getting my hair straightened for the first time! (my hair's UBER curly) and it's probably gonna be REALLY long and my mum said I can get my nails done too (nail extensions professionally is what she means).

It's all costing a lot plus I'm hoping to get contact lenses now that I'm 16 and the prom ticket is £30, dress is £95, limo money is £37.50 (we're all paying towards it), nail extensions cost around £25-30 and I dunno how much it is gonna cost to get my hair straightened.

My exams are VERY soon too! >.< NOOOOOOOOO! I'm gonna have to revise for them, it's the Easter Holidays (TWO WEEKS OFF! YAY! REVISION! NO!). I've ALMOST done all my coursework, I've just gotta finish the written work for my graphics coursework and hand that in on inset day (teacher training day, students day off, usually on mondays of full term end) and....DONE!

I haven't been able to spend some time with my boyfriend lately T_T All because of school ¬_¬ He got a new kitten and we were trying to think of a name for her. I dunno if he's got one yet lol It's a tabby kitty ^^ He scratches him a lot and I keep telling him to tell her off but I guess the kitty's cuteness is just TOO strong lol

I've been shopping a lot lately (spending my birthday money) and I got a lot of new cool clothes plus me & my mum had a little spring clean of my wardrobe lol

And wow, I just realised I have 2,604 pageviews, I remember I made a journal entry saying I got 1900 lol Good I seriously need to update my gallery because I haven't submitted a deviation for quite a while now xD Right now, I'm currently helping my cousin, Akilah, design Version 2 of her site and my friend, Sami, is helping too ^^ Then after that I need to work on Version 8 of my's pretty dead lol And I haven't updated it for ages but the hits are still drumming on ^^

Well, that's my blabbering session finished. You might not hear from my for another YEAR like the last journal entry lol but this entry's much more lengthy so there's more to read for this year lol See ya lovelies! <3


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MalvaAlcea Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2008
thank you for the fav :)
OLSPUR Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2008   Photographer
Thanks for the fave for "The Silence" Sasha :) I am going to add a watch to your gallery. I'd be honored if you did the same.
Janked Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2008
Thank you for the favs!
thejade Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2008  Student Traditional Artist
I'm too young to get a job which really sucks because i need money! Haha :D Yeah, too many exams are going on, so my head may explode lol! Good luck for when they come though :)
thejade Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2008  Student Traditional Artist
Hey! Geeze, i haven't been online here properlly in so looooong! And i miss everyone.. I've been really busy with school and exams and so it's tough to keep up with everything lol! But i'm going to try and force myself to come back very soon.

How have you been? I'll check out your gallery very soon and see youre lovely new submitions! :D
ryou-0013 Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2008
Thank you so much for the favorite! :aww:
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Hey there, thanks for the +fav!
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Heya. :3
Awesome gallery, and thanks for the art. ^^
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THANK YOU for all da comments lol! HEHEHEHE! NOW I WILL BEGIN TO TERRORIZE UR PAGE LOL! HAHHAHAHAHAA! :giggle: :P :floating:
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