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Lapis's Diary


Day 1: Sunday: Well, I have myself a new diary. Blue Diamond got it for me as a present for Christmas. She thought that it would be "Wise" for me to have one & write in it. She even forces me to write in it daily...! Ugh.. Well, I guess I'll just have to make the best of my current situation.. But I'm not gonna be one of the people who are always like "Dear Diary" & such. Why? Because it makes me sound like I'm obsessed with it, & if someone DOES end up getting ahold of this, 1: I'm a dead girl, because my mom will be peeved, & 2: some jerks will come along & take this the wrong way...

Day 2: Monday: Today is my first day of summer school P.E. My mom decided it would also be wise to do it ahead of time. Which, to be honest, actually made sense for once! Anyway, I didn't know any of the kids. But some of their names are Tibby, Eli, Cam, Marshall, Miss Ribbon & Emerald. I sat next to Emerald, he seemed pretty cute to be honest... he has blonde hair and green eyes. His eyes are just so green & colorful... It's kind of dreamy... What's weird is that he kind of looked very down, upset and lonely.... Maybe he was just having a bad week? After the teacher took attendance, while he explained the rules, I went ahead & tapped Emerald on the shoulder. He was startled for a second, poor guy, I didn't mean to scare him.. He turned around to face me & said, "Yes? How can I help yo- !!!!! I... I.. *passes out*" hehe... Cutie...! Our first activity was swimming, which made me very excited!! Emerald had a permanent look of horror & disbelief on his face.. He told me that the water was ice cold.. He also told me that he knew who I was, but he said that it would be weird if he said it & that it would violate my privacy. I admire his respect towards me & others..

Disclaimer: halfway into day 4, this will just turn into a story & not really a diary.

Day 3: Tuesday: I sat next to Emerald on the floor, he smiled when he saw that I was sitting next to him. I told him that I had a dream about him yesterday! His whole face was dark green... "HOLY SMOKES!! You blush green?!?" He said yes & said that because he was half gem, it altered the color of his blush! We both laughed.. I didn't even begin to think that he was part gem up until this point.. Just when we finished talking, a kid walked up to Emerald... He looked pissed at him... He looked down at Emerald and said "Well Well Well..! Look who's here... The stupid gem! Heheheh... you & me have a score to settle, greeno..." Emerald backed up a little before the kid grabbed Emerald by the shirt... I gasped & told him to put Emerald down and leave him alone! "Ha! Not a chance.. He deserves this... Oh, & I see you have yourself a little lady friend... I wonder if she's anything like YOU! *he throws him on the ground hard* Lapis: GET AWAY FROM HIM!!!! "Or what? Are you gonna kill me with your "gem powers"? You don't even have a weapon!" *she makes a gigantic tidal wave and washes him away* Mythril: AGGHH!!! -bubbling noises- fantastic... I just spent 60 dollars on these shoes..!! I'll be back... Emerald... Go kill yourself you disgrace for a human being..." *Mythril Lunges at Lapis before Emerald whacks him with his sword reverting him to his gem* Lapis: Emerald!! Are you ok?! *he looks up at her As the teachers confront Mythril* Emerald: I'm fine... Geez... Won't that guy just cut it out? Lapis: who was that? Emerald: that's Mythril... He's a huge bully to me... Lapis: why is he so against you? *she puts some Neosporin on his wounds* Emerald: thank you... As for that question... I think I might know why... *flashback* he was the king when it came to the dancing competition! He certainly was a bit more nicer though. Anyway, I decided to enter, but my cousin said I would be the laughing stock of the entire school if I did. But I thought he was joking, so I went anyway. And surprisingly, I got first prize! Mythril however, was PISSED! Lapis: oh my... Emerald: and that's why he hates me basically... Lapis: well don't worry, I won't let him do that to you ever again... Emerald: Thanks Lapis... I appreciate it.. Lapis: Hey Emerald? Emerald: yes Lapis? Lapis: I wanted to kind of give you something... For protecting me from Mythril... Close your eyes..! *she giggles* Emerald: what is i- *she holds him close, Embraces him & kisses him deeply* !!!!!!! Lapis: mmm.. *she breaks the kiss* Emerald: .......! Hummina Hummina Hummina Hummina Hummina Hummina.. Lapis: Emerald..? You ok, Cutie? *he blushes dark green* WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lapis: hehe, so full of energy, hm? Emerald: hehe.. I guess.. Lapis: here, take this... *gives him her number* Emerald: oh my.. Thank you..! Lapis: your welcome, cutie! One thing though, I CANNOT let my mom find out that I'm dating you and that your lower class.. She'll kill me! Emerald: oh, ok... Wait, DATING?! Lapis: oh... Maybe I shouldn't have said that.. Well, I was going to ask you at a later time to be my boyfriend... But I guess now is fine.. Hehe! Emerald: I'm suprised... Girls don't care about me... *Lapis hugs Emerald* Lapis: well I do.. *kisses his cheek lightly* 

Day 4: Sunday: *Emerald goes to class each day but sees that Lapis is gone on each day* Emerald: I knew that it was too good to be true... *sighs* *Emerald is at His grandmas playing Rhythm Heaven Fever while Lapis is in the neighborhood looking for Emerald. She has been looking for him for quite a while.* *Lapis walks up to the house and knocks on the door* Lapis: hi! I'm Looking for Emerald.. He's my friend.. Grandma: he's right upstairs! Any friend of his is a friend of mine! Lapis: thanks! *she knocks on his door* Lapis: Emerald? Emerald: ...? Come in..? *she walks in* Lapis: hey! Emerald: LAPIS!!! YOUR BACK!!! where were you..?! Lapis: my mom found out that I already took the required P.E. classes, so she took me back home... She's busy at work right now.. But it will be a while... Emerald: I'm so glad your back..! You worried me! Lapis: I'm so sorry... *sits With him* so, how are you? Emerald: oh, I'm doing fine! Lapis: that's good! So, I was just looking for you because... Well.. Ever since you saved me from Mythril that time.. I've kinda been thinking about us... Emerald: ....! *Blushes green* what do you mean..? Lapis: Well... You know that time when I kissed you? Emerald: Yes. What about it? Well, I felt like I was in love with you when that happened... Emerald: aww, that's so sweet of you! You know, you're the nicest girl that I have ever met... Lapis: oh you! Cmere! *cuddles Emerald and starts kissing him* Emerald: *muffled* ehehe! Lapis! That tickles!! *she cuddles in his arms* Lapis: Emerald, could you perhaps help me with something? Emerald: sure! What is it? Lapis: it's my mom, she's gonna kill me if she knows I spent time with you.. She doesn't take kindly to people who mention me... Emerald: why? Lapis: well, because me and her are a part of a homeworld organization.. And she hates lower class people because she thinks they are Puny and not important.. She doesn't like associating with them.. But also, my mom is... Well... Kind of abusive... She's always been abusive to me... And she's always kept it hidden... Please help me with her... I don't like her at all... Emerald: If she's abusive to you... I will make it so that she doesn't hurt you... Lapis: Really? Oh thank you! *hugs* Emerald: hehe, anything for you... *they decide to hang out at her house in their living room* Emerald: so, Lapis.. Why is your mom so abusive towards you? Lapis: I'm lucky I don't have Yellow Diamond as my mom... But Blue Diamond is just as bad as her... She always gets mad at me when I don't do something right or make a mistake because she says that gems are supposed to be perfect... I keep trying to tell her that nobody is perfect, but she says, "of course some people are perfect!" Emerald: who's Yellow Diamond? Lapis: oh boy... She's basically the ruler of homeworld. She's the highest of the diamonds. Now she wants EVERYTHING to be perfect.. Emerald: wow.. *Blue Diamond walks in* BD: Lapis, I'm hom- .... WHO IS THIS!?!? Lapis: Mom! Don't do anything mean! I can explain! BD: I don't care! You've been hanging with Lower classes haven't you..? Lapis: Yes mom.. BD: I knew it. Your grounded! and as for you, GET OUT OF MY HOUSE! NOW! AND STAY AWAY FROM MY CREATION!! Emerald: listen to me... You are not going to treat her like that EVER!!! She did nothing to deserve this! BD: She is not allowed to be with the likes of you! Emerald: oh that does it... *gets out a sword* BD: Pfft.. You're wasting your time.. Do you really think you can kill me? I am a Diamond!!!!! Emerald: well, you may be a diamond, but That doesn't mean your stronger than me.. *Blue Diamond gets out a set of spiked nunchucks.* BD: we'll see about that... *Emerald gets out his signature sword, the terratomere* Emerald: I'd like to see you try... *They lunge at each other* Lapis: Emerald! Please be careful... BD: Ferozium Chuck blast! *Frozen spikes launch at Emerald* *Emerald slices through them with ease* BD: ! *Emerald knocks BD through the wall* Emerald: that's right. Stay away from her, you monster... BD: Agh... *she passes out* Lapis: you killed her... Wow... Emerald: she wasn't that hard, to be honest. Lapis: THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! *hugs him tightly as their noses rub against each other* *they both giggle* Lapis: Emerald...... I... I love you... Emerald: me too, my sweet water princess! Lapis: hehe, oh you... *kiss* Emerald: you can live with me and my grandmother, I don't mind! At least you'll be away from Your mother... My grandma is the nicest person you'll meet! Lapis: that's a relief! Emerald: ok, take my hand and hold on tight! I know how to get there! Lapis: ok! *he takes her hand as he starts to fly* Emerald: WOOOOHOOO!!!! Now THIS is my most favorite mode of transportation! *Lapis giggles* Lapis: hehe, I feel happy for you! *they land at his grandmas front door* Emerald: and here we are! *knocks* Grandma: yes? Oh! Emerald! I've been wondering where you were! Oh, and is this your girlfriend? *Emerald blushes dark green in embarrassment* Emerald: yeah... Grandma: I'm so glad you finally have one! *hugs us both* Emerald: Lapis has an abusive mother, so she will be living with me and you for now on! Grandma: aww, that's terrible! I'm so sorry! Lapis: it's ok! It happens! Grandma: your always welcome here, my dear! Emerald: oh, where's Grandpa? I haven't seen him.. Grandma: oh, he's at a reunion with his marine comrades. *Emerald and Lapis go back up to their room.* Emerald: welcome to my humble abode! Lapis: a little crowded, but it will do! *kisses Emeralds nose* Emerald: Eheheh... Lapis: oh you little cutie! Emerald: hehe... Lapis, I've got a game that I want to show you! Lapis: oh? What is it? Hmm? Emerald: it's called... Rhythm Heaven..!!!!! *several hours later* Lapis: That game is so awesome! It's like I can't put it down! Emerald: I know, right? Lapis: I nailed you on remix 10! Emerald: hehe... Yeah you did... *in his mind* wow... Not even I could get a superb on that one... She's something else... Lapis: Hey Emerald, do you have any parents? Emerald: well.... No... I don't.. Lapis: aww... What happened to them? Emerald: well... They died... When I was only 7.... *sniffles* Mom.. Dad.... WHY!?!? Lapis: oh my... *hugs* what happened? Emerald: they were both killed by a creature of such demonic extremes... The Nethengeic Wither.... Lapis: I'm so sorry for you... *cuddles* Emerald: *sniffles* thanks Lapis... *smiles* Lapis: ohh.. You're just too cute for your own good.. *softly kisses his lips* Emerald: Ehehe... *they both get in bed as he cuddles in her arms* goodnight Lapis.... Lapis: Goodnight Emerald... *they drift away in slumber* *the next morning* Emerald: Mmmph.. Zzz..!... Lapis... Kiss me... <3 *Lapis is staring at him, smiling at him lovingly*


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Hi! I'm Emerald! Welcome to my deviantart account! I'm new but not so new here. Here, you can see the drawings I have uploaded as well some other stuff! Hope you enjoy! Requests for drawings are greatly appreciated, by the way!

I do Roleplay! But only with girls or users who are fine with being the girls! :)


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