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Final Fantasy VIII - Squall and Rinoa

This is my favorite love story and one of my favorite games! <3 Squall and Rinoa from Final Fantasy VIII!

The love story of FFVIII feels kind of similar to the story of me and my boyfriend's ~ I'm very fortunate that I found myself a Squall in the real life. 
That's how I feel like anyway ~ x) 
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So sweeeeet *u*

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Incredible! some of the best FFVIII fan art I've seen so far.
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thank you! Heart 
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This is so touching (snif) why is everything getting so blurry? (snif) Beautiful. I love it.
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Thank you  Heart Hug 
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Aww I love the description for this. That's a wonderful story :3
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This picture makes me want to play the game again~~ FF8 was my favorite of the series. You did a lovely job of these two.
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FF8 is such great game ^____^
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Nice Fan Art ^^
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Really awesome fan-art by the way. I am a dummy! 
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My favorite FF of all time
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Aw yeah! :happybounce: Heart 
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Gorgeous! I love it! Great game!
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Thank you! <3 
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fuck i love ff! and your drawint too!
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Aah so much nostalgia :) this is beautiful.
That game is great in every aspect! But I hope you already realized that Rinoa is Ultimecia and Squall is the one who killed her.
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What lol? I've never heard of that theory ever. I've played the game multiple times and I never got that impression. 
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Never played the game, but never had that impression as well.. Hope its a good game, would love to play it, beautiful work!!
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