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It's An Awesome Thing

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 3, 2014, 8:23 PM

I'm pretty shocked and perplexed right now. I seem to have been banned from :icongive-llamageta-llama: and I can't even send them a request to get unbanned.

Why can't I request to be unbanned? Well, When I click on their link to request to be unbanned, I get taken to group notes. Okay, yeah, all is fine and well there ... so I fill out a request to be unbanned (I don't know why I was even banned in the first place. This kinda confused me.) I type up a thoughtful and well written, calm, collective, and mature note .... Yes a mature note because I'm all about using proper etiquette and protocol. However, when I go to actually hit SEND to .... well send the note I wrote out I get a message that I'm "banned from participation", and that apparently includes sending notes even to request to be unbanned. Now, how is this supposed to work? Did I somehow do something so horrific that I'm permanently banned or something? How can I get unbanned if I can't even send a request to be unbanned? Or better yet, to even ask why I was banned?

I honestly have no idea why I would have been banned after joining .... however many years ago it was I joined. Their only rules (Aside from not being an asshole, obviously. Which I don't do any way, because there's no point in that kinda Drama!) are to return the Llamas you are given. (Not returning the Llamas does get you banned) However, I have given a Llama to every single person who has given me one since I was given my first Llama, except for people who deactivated their accounts or whatever, because you can't give a Llama to those accounts, even with the One Click Llama Button by :iconkishan-bagaria:.

That can be found here.
One Click Llama Button by Kishan-Bagaria
It's an Awesome Thing!

I should know, I went and used the One Click Llama Button add-on for Firefox. After installing it, I wondered if I had returned every Llama I was given, so I went through the entire list of people who gave me badges, painstakingly for hours, to make sure I didn't miss a single person and everyone I got a Llama from has the Orange Dot next to their name that shows I've given them a Llama! I mean, I did this right after installing the add-on months ago, because I suffer from OCD and I had to be 100% sure I did in fact return them all. I at the time didn't even know I had been banned from the Llama group in question. There were a few I missed at the very beginning when I first started doing the whole Llama thing, so I gave the Llamas once I found they were missed, Thanks Kishan! Of course, there were no more than 5 people I missed originally. So, I don't think I was banned because I missed anyone.

The other group rule is to not post a "Llama 4 Llama" comment on the group page more than so many times within so many hours/days/whatever. Not a problem for me, I don't have enough time to even type the one as it is .... so eh. It couldn't have been that!

The only reason, at all, that I can fathom having been banned .... is that I went through one of my famous internet loss periods where I had no access to the internet ... and had posted a "Llama 4 Llama" comment in the group within such a time period that people saw the comment and gave me Llamas while I was away but was unable to return them until I got internet again. Rest assured, when I did get my internet back, all Llamas received while I was away were returned! I might not return every comment I get, but I do return every Llama for sure! But, hey I'm a busy woman with three kids (one on the way!). I might not be online for a couple of days at a time just because I don't have time to sit at the computer.

So, some people probably complained because they didn't get a Lama back from me in a timely manner .... and I wound up banned .... It's the only explanation that makes sense to me! O_o .... What does get me though, is that I was banned without so much as a "how do yah do" from the group staff. No note, no comment on my page, .... nothing .... until I go to visit the page and realize I've somehow gotten banned. Hmm. I mean, at the very least they could have sent me a note .... that way I could have replied to resolve the issue(s) and/or would at the very least know why I was banned. Just a little common courtesy after all. :-/ But, their lack of an explanation to why I was banned when I was banned shows they're probably too busy to comment or leave notes for every offense. I'm likewise, too busy to return Llamas the very second I receive them as well! I will return them when I get to them in my overflowing message box.  The notifications that I've gotten a Llama will not be removed from my inbox until the Llama has been returned. It's how I've always rolled!

So, it seems I'm banned and can't do anything to get myself unbanned. I mean, sure I could go to the page and send a note to someone in the staff. But, who has time for all that? Also, if they made the decision to ban me, well forget it. I'm not gonna argue with them. Even though I didn't do anything wrong. I'm mature enough to just shrug and move on. Sure, I'm writing this journal, but it's not a cry for help. Nor do I want anyone to jump over to the group to harass the staff. Nope. This journal .... is actually to point out the awesome add-on by Kishan-Bagaria! Because of this I don't have to be IN any Llama groups to "Llama 4 Llama".

Now, how does that work you say? Simple really. :iconkishan-bagaria:'s One Click Llama Button makes giving the Llamas so easy ... I've taken to just hitting the various Llama groups to open their entire list of members. I just give a Llama to every member of each of the Llama groups and they're pretty likely to give one back. So far, I've given Llamas to every single member (again except for deactivated or permanently banned accounts) of the following Llama Groups. :iconllama-group:, :iconllama-4-llama:, and :iconllamaclub:

Currently I'm working through the 13 pages of :iconllama-trader-listing: members. It was while I was doing this, that I visited my old group, dreading how many members are in it because I know that it's going to take forever to give a Llama to everyone in that Super group. This is when I noticed I was banned from the group.  YES I just noticed it today. The group currently has 55 pages of members! I've given Llamas to all the members of the first 4 pages and I'm on page 5 now ... lol So, I'll be giving out a Llama to all of their members ... banned or unbanned, thanks to Kishan's awesome add-on! So, if you wanna trade Llamas and earn the Golden Llama, this is the way to do it people! I hope to have my next Llama (The King Llama) very soon!



Agent-Sarah Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Fuck that group for blocking you.
EmeraldTokyo Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2014  Professional General Artist
Nah. I don't care. lol I just like that One Click Llama Button. It's awesome.
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