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My Angel Wing Tattoo

This is my new Angel Wing Tattoo right when it was applied with much stinging to my back. Oh ... the buzz of the gun and the searing heat. I love it.

This picture is before the color was applied. I'll update the picture as soon as I can get one of the finished product.

This Angel wing is actually a cover up for an old screw up of a Tattoo I had before. NOTE: Never let anyone tat you if they are drunk.

This Angel Wing was designed for me by :icondevildyce:

Everyone keeps askign me if I plan on getting a second wing. Heh. I'm happy with the one.
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Jul 29, 2008, 2:36:21 AM
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takkless's avatar
Where'd you get it?

Oh, and Jeez, I'd've loved to hook you up! Didn't even think of me, did you. I see where I stand. : )

Or sit, rather. I'm lazy.
EmeraldTokyo's avatar
You're states away from me. I'm sorry. I got it done for free tho. Cuz, I'm cute like that.
takkless's avatar
*A* state away. We met in GA, but I work in NC.

Still, free's good.

I got nuthin on free.
EmeraldTokyo's avatar
I actually did a trade with him for the work. I did some web design for him in exchange for the tattoos.
takkless's avatar
How much Flash work do you do?
EmeraldTokyo's avatar
Not a whole lot ... but I can do quite a bit with it.
Hyperkid37's avatar
More willpower then I have. Personally, needles scare the crap out of me.
EmeraldTokyo's avatar
It didn't hurt actually. It was a strange sensation. Kinda like the buzz of electric clippers close to your back, but you feel a lot of heat and some slight stinging. The sensation was more pleasurable to me actually. I frustrated the Tattoo guy with my moaning heehee. Whoops. I couldn't help it tho.

Now, the other tattoo on my lower back felt like someone slicing into me with a hot razor blade! That was painful. I cried hard and had to hold onto the table. Didn't think I could last through the whole thing.
Hyperkid37's avatar
I've never had a tat, but I'd assume it has to deal with the length of the needle. The longer its on, the less pain because your body soon gets used to it.

At least, that's my guess.
duggiehoo's avatar
Ditto for the upper back!!!
EmeraldTokyo's avatar
Heehee. Wow. Never have been complemented on my back before.

Thank you. :blush:
duggiehoo's avatar ya have!!! Very welcome!
EmeraldTokyo's avatar
:blush: Heehee. Thanks.
Agent-Sarah's avatar
At least it cover up the mistake. :giggle: Other than that, it's really nice.
EmeraldTokyo's avatar
Yeah. It's complete with the green now. I might get my friend to take a piccy since he is here tonight playing my XBox360 ...

I got him addicted to Elder Scrolls: Oblivion.
Agent-Sarah's avatar
:giggle: Get him to play Fallout 3, it got me addicted to that for a while.
EmeraldTokyo's avatar
I haven't played that one myself. I'm not into many survival horrors though.
Agent-Sarah's avatar
It's an sci-fi RPG.
EmeraldTokyo's avatar
I'll have to look it up.
EmeraldTokyo's avatar
Wait til you see the color .... wait didn't I show you the finished product at school?
cortezmaronie's avatar
i dont think u did :hmm:
EmeraldTokyo's avatar
Well, I'll get around to it sometime I'm sure.

I mean I know where you live ... but I'm too lazy to actually stalk you ... not that I'm the stalking type anyway. Too much work. LOL!

Nah if you do the concept art for the flash game like such n such wants. Remember we're not allowed to talk about it ... I'll end up having to work with ya.

Just remind me next time you meet me and I'll let you see my tattoos.

Lucky for you I don't have any in my naughty places I'd be tempted to flash at ya.
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