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.:Star Spangled:.

Took a teeny break in between commissions to color this in.
Lineart here -> [link]
Dunno how on earth it happened but she kinda looks like Megan Fox... :confused:
Anatomical mistakes aside I really like the way it came out...

Wonder Woman (c) DC Comics
Art (c) =EmeraldSora
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Beautiful artwork love your style.
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I was once Wonder Woman for Halloween.
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Must have been awesome!
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I like the vision you had for her. Maybe a little Megan, but not too much. Nice work on the costume detail as well as the belt and lasso.
Her face is beautfiully done as is her hair and body realism. I like the flag background showing our nation's colors. Nicely done. :love:
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Thank you very much! :D :D
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Wonder Woman with Pants.....Hurrah!
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Haha yea...I do really like this outfit...
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It would be cool if you followed this same line and create Digimon Partners for all members of the Justice League type: a Digimon for Superman, a Digimon to Martian Manhunter, a Digimon for Green Lantern, a Digimon to Hawkgirl, a Digimon for Aquaman, a Digimon, to Flash, and these, Digimon were "special" and "unique" authentic "superheroes, Digital world
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Super heroes with Digimon partners? Wow, what a crossover! ^^ But some heroes would actually be stronger than their Digimon's mega levels... o_O
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In fact it would be! And some do not think so Digimon has power comparable to that of super-heroes and super-heroines quite powerful. Anything would suffice to say that these Digimon are "Meta-Digimon" (Digimon owners super powers equivalent to those of super-heroes and super-heroines as powerful as these same level Champion). Or enough to give different versions of Mega Level Digimon to the heroes and heroines. (A winged warrior Phoenixmon for Hawkgirl, a Mervamon to Wonder Woman, a Alphamon for Superman, a Digimon that can create energy constructs for the Green Lantern, a Digimon, super-speeder to Flash, a Digimon "Dark Knight "whose power would be greater intelligence to Batman, a Digimon Alien telepathic shapeshifter for Martian Manhunter, a Digimon, Sea super-powerful, for, Aquaman etc =) ... )
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Haha that does sound interesting ^^
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Awesome Wondy!!!!
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ANYTIME! While i have you, may i please have your vote: [link]
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Thanks:D! Tell all of your friends and watchers to vote for me too PLEASE! I REALLY want to win this one!!!!
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soon as i saw it, i was like "good god, she looks like Megan Fox!" then i read the description and laughed XD
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Haha I have no idea how it happened..:XD:
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