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Digimon Origins_Midomon


Tamer: Max
Origin: Metal

Baby: Styxmon
In-Training: Thessamon
Rookie: Midomon
Champion: Graikosmon
Ultimate: Iliamon
Mega: Achillemon

Digimon Origins Website



Vector lines: ~IHEA

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'Circuit' Background from Nazreth at
All Original Characters unless otherwise stated(c) =EmeraldSora
Official Digimon (c) Bandai
2011-2014 #DigimonOrigins
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When will we finally see the megs
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Working on it! As of January, the Origins story continues after a year and a half hiatus! 
cptmorgan525's avatar
Can't wait to see them
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This is... NIIIIICE!
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Ah cool :D Thank you
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WOW!!! I'm amazed with Graikosmon. He look incredible. He's my favorite.
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I think he's pretty awesome too :D I'm glad you like him!

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Midomon's cute but so far my fav of the rookies is Maumon. That might change when you reveal your dragon digimon.
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Haha I think he's cute too. I couldn't decide how to draw him, I had Graikosmon's design done before Midomon, the first design of him I did turned out like a cat in greek armor...XD

Yea I think you might just like my dragon Elishamon a bit more once you see her :D
Taurustiger86's avatar
Yea I think I'll like her too when you reveal her
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