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Hi guys.

Thank you to the few people who have been fav'ing my stuff while I've been gone. I highly doubt I'll be back on deviantART for many reasons, but particularly, bigger and better things. I'm doing at Bachelor of Design at university and I'm working with some friends on a computer game. That's been in production for a few months but in the next few days I expect the dveelopment will go into full-swing.

Uhh what else. I'm on an 8 week break from uni now and I got a new DSLR camera to play with. I don't really have the heart to upload anything here though. The days of being excited about such a prospect have long since passed.

I still lurk occasionally to clear out my messages and post thank you notes and stuff. It seems like a lot of you guys like my Turks colouring. So thanks to everyone who's been fav'ing and commenting on that. I did attempt another colouring recently but meh. I'm just no good at that. I suppose one of the reasons I became confused on here was I was trying to attempt a lot of things at once, and I was never particularly good at anything. Space art failed, 3D rendering failed, Photoshop colouring failed. I suppose the only thing I had going for me was photography but a lack of a good camera soured that experience for me.

I was also a bit pissed off at the popularity contest. The same artists were getting "top favourites" on a daily basis while new artists got little to no exposure. At least, I hardly got any interest. I suppose the fact that The Turks is my most fav'd deviation is a testament to the kind of audience dA is primarily composed of. I don't know if things have changed now. A quick squiz at the front page is telling me: definitely not.

Anyway, that's my bi-annual mindless rant. I had a quick browse at all the 700+ deviations in my inbox, it looks like all the people I'm watching are getting better and better, and kudos to you all.

Good luck to you all and I'll see you all in another few months.

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WB mate :3 Yes, we're going to go full swing. One of these days x.x soon as I get off my lazy arse and start dev'ing stuff XD *sigh* well. Yish, we shall continue our evil plotting and scheming and all. Oh, I likes the nice new avatar ^^