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In case anyone was wondering what the twins were arguing about in page 2 of my audition. :'D
Mystery Mayhem OCT Audition - pg4 (final)
To be continued...?!


I'll be impressed if anyone can guess which video game character I referenced for that last panel.

Larisa belongs to :iconrexythet-rexy:
Mystery Mayhem OCT Audition - page 2
I gave up halfway through, but somehow managed to pull myself back together enough to finish. I had to cut a lot of fluff out, but it still works (I hope)!

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Blade reference - MMOCT
Made this ref specifically for :iconmysterymayhemoct: but it works outside of the OCT too so YAY. :dummy:

For the record, the last time I uploaded a colored drawing of Blade was in 2007.


Full name: Naron Ragnarokke
Alias: Blade
Nicknames (all of which he hates) : Catboi, Shrimp, Alice, Grumpy Butt, Oedipus
Gender: Male
Orientation: cis-hetero
Species: Felinoid
Age: 24
Height: 5'6" at the scalp
Build: Lean
Hobbies: reading, sleeping

* Has a strong sense of loyalty (to all 2.5 of his friends)
* Heightened senses of hearing, sight, and smell
* Has retractable claws and sharp teeth
* Can use powerful magic for offensive purposes
* Excellent liar

* Can't swim and avoids open water as much as possible
* Using magic tires him out
* Cannot use healing magic
* Stubborn
* Can be difficult to get along with
* Easily flustered
* Short-tempered

Myers-Briggs: INTJ ("The Architect")
Highly introverted, Blade will typically let others do the talking unless the conversation topic is something he's passionate about. He tends to come across as aloof and uncaring, but once his trust is earned his compassionate side shows through a bit more. Despite his trust issues and loner nature, he has a strong sense of justice and will defend anything he thinks is truly innocent.
Basically, he's kind of an asshole until you get to know him. Then he's a tsundere.

Weapon of choice: Magic, One-handed Sword
Fighting Style: Stays at range to use magic but will switch to a fencing-style of swordplay when in close quarters. He can augment his sword with fire or lightning magic, but usually doesn't since it requires more focus than typical melee combat will allow.
Tactics: Blade tries to finish the fight the moment it starts, since longer fights increase his chances of losing due to the limitations of his magic. He'll use any tricks at his disposal and does not fight fair.
Spells: He uses Conjury, which is the temporary summoning of base elements (fire, water, wind, earth, lightning) for short periods of time. Sustaining anything summoned requires mental willpower and focus, which will tire him out over a period of time based on how long or how often something is summoned for. He cannot manipulate other objects or spells and relies on counterattacks (ex: a blast of wind to redirect an incoming projectile, water to extinguish a fire, etc) as a form of defense. As his conjuries are temporary, he cannot do things such as quenching thirst with water magic or powering something electrically with lightning magic- but he CAN cause a chain reaction, such as setting flammables on fire. He can cast without speaking, but uses hand and arm movements to help direct his focus (he can cast without moving though).
Outside of Conjury, he knows a very basic rune circle of teleportation. What this does is it allows him to teleport inanimate objects from a previously drawn runic circle to his hands, provided there is enough room. He keeps a few objects at home to be summoned as needed- mainly a suitcase and his sword, along with a few spellbooks to study and practice with.

(long story, bullet-pointing the important stuff)
* hometown was razed to the ground by the actions of his mother, and is on a life-long quest for revenge
* will never admit to it but is head-over-heels in love with his childhood best friend, and is competing against her vamperic travel companion for her affections
* he is typically accompanied by a pair of fraternal twins, one of whom he dated for a while (she's the previously mentioned .5 friend)

* Left-handed
* Frequently uses profanity
* Has a soft spot for children
* Only has 8 toes, but has 10 fingers
* Omnivorous, but mostly prefers seafood or fruit
* Tail fluffs out and straightens when he's startled or angry
* The only reason his hair is long is because of a bet that he won by cheating
* He doesn't think very highly of humans, seeing them as ignorant and stupid
* Referring to him as anything other than a sorcer will cause him to angrily mansplain the difference between sorcerors, wizards, magicians, and mages.
* Contrary to popular belief, he has a sense of humor and knows how to smile.


Let me know if I forgot something or need to clarify!


Anna Raven
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United States
Current Residence: Virginia
Favourite genre of music: techno, trance, pop, hard/soft rock...
Favourite style of art: I tend to be more attracted to cartoon-ish styles.. y'know, non-realism
Operating System: Windows 10
MP3 player of choice: Arcos Jukebox, but I use my phone now
Wallpaper of choice: Mame Goma
Favourite cartoon character: Sam Manson (Danny Phantom), Dr. Girlfriend (The Venture Brothers), Ariel (The Little Mermaid)
Personal Quote: "I will not be tempted by the fanny of darkness!" -- Colin Mochrie
  • Listening to: BT (feat JES) - Every Other Way
  • Watching: Cryaotic
  • Playing: Disgaea: Hour of Darkness (DS)

If you want your villain character to make a cameo in a really cool webcomic, go to that link! I'm considering it myself, but I'm hesitant because I'm a buttface. What do you think, should I submit Pandora for shits and giggles (and pay $5)?

(PS: Sorry if this journal appears multiple times)


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