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4. Pizzaface
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This episode was kind of dead on a rival for me. I hate gross-out humor, especially with food, there are certain foods that skeeve me out just by looking at them. Pizza is not one of them, I love pizza. What I'm am saying is that I have heightened senses to texture and there are days where I wish I didn't need food to live. Anyway, this episode is stupid and gross, that's about all I have to say. The ending made experience pointless, no one developed at all, it wasn't too funny, and it was all around forgettable. That gross-out though, it took me a month to unsee it. I even made sure the image I chose didn't show Pizza Face himself. I don't know, this episode's biggest crime is that it doesn't develop the characters in anyway, even filler should do that a little bit, but this episode is just gross-out, which doesn't work out very well. Funny story, as much as LOVE Monkey Team, there is one episode that I have never seen, episode 23. I don't even want to type the title of that episode because the visuals I have seen are my literal Hell. This episode has a similar problem, it's just one of those episodes that hits a bad cord with me. Moving on 

3. A Foot Too Big
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Aw, the first episode of TMNT 2012 that I ever hated. Not just because it was stupid, not just because Bigfoot was disgusting, but it had a great opportunity for character development that it totally wasted! So, Bigfoot in this..... okay, and the only thing they do with this is to show Donnie how April feels about him; a nice friend without a romantic interest because they're too different. However, the ending is what killed this episode. Donnie had a great moment of maturity, he could've grown as a person, but April just tenses him with a kiss for no reason and ruins it. A much better version of this episode (at least the ending) is the Gravity Falls episode Into the Bunker. Wendy maturely tells Dipper it's not going to work out, treats the issue like an adult, and Dipper becomes a more mature young man for it. April robs Donnie of that experience, and it comes across as just shipper tease. I actually did ship April and Donnie until this episode, it ruined a good ship. Now, I'm just neutral to Casey or Donnie getting April, I don't care because this episode spoiled my fun. With that said, there is one good thing about this episode looking back on it, and that's Raphael. He SAVES this episode, and it ties in with the events of the Invasion and its part of why I love the farm episodes, minus this one. Raphael is the second oldest, and here he's supporting his brother, keeping them on their toes with training, and being there for them. It shows that Raphael can handle being a leader when the pressure's on. He can be the adult in his own way when it truly. Not to mention he's an excellent straight man to the Bigfoot bullshit. I can at least give this episode credit for giving us one of Raph's best appearances in the series, and it's part of why he's starting to become my favorite Turtle.

2.Weird World of Wyrm 

Related imageWeird World of Wyrm- Animated Atrocity- TMNT 2012 by EmeraldOfTheOcean
This is an episode that I've already talked about, but it's something that bears repeating. This video right here is why this episode sucks

Ciro Nieli is the showrunner of TMNT 2012 and the creator of Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! Brandon Auman wrote this Monkey Team 11 years earlier and the "writer" credited Wyrm was Randolph Heard, who copy/pasted the entire episode almost verbatim. To his credit, he was probably directed to write the episode this way, and he has written better episodes in the series (…) but it's still confusing. Everyone was annoyed with the recent Tom and Jerry movies who clone other movies just to shoehorn Tom and Jerry into the story, and this is the exact same thing. They cloned a Monkey Team episode for the sake of filler, even though Ciro Nieli and crew were talented enough to come up with good filler episodes on their own. For those who don't know Monkey Team, you're probably just gonna see this as a forgettable genie episode, but for a Monkey Team fan, this is borderline insultingly lazy. They barely changed anything in this episode besides the visual gags and even done because the story was so predictable, there was no tension, especially since you copied your past work and knew that only a certain amount of fans would notice! Even on its own, the episode is not very strong; like I said, it's predictable, boring, and the slapstick is very off-putting in CG, especially because Wyrm is uglier and more annoying than the Wigglenog. I guess they were going for a bit of an Audrey 2 vibe, but it doesn't work. Maybe I am a bit biased because I am such a big Monkey Team, and Ciro Nieli is my hero and I know he and Brandon Auman can and have done a lot better than this. On top of that, if they were going to copy an episode; Why Meet the Wigglenog, one of the most forgettable episodes of the entire series? The characters in both episodes learn nothing because they erase everything that happened, so nothing is gained or lost, which is why this episode has no rewatch value. If you look online, you'll see that the show references Monkey Team left and right, especially in season 4… and those references and Easter Eggs were great, but flat out stealing an entire episode from Monkey Team is lazy and feels like you're cheating off your old homework. One of my close friends :iconevilantauri: went to great detail about why this episode is boarderline insulting, so you can check out the comment she left in my animated atrocity card for this episode. I think's that enough for this one.

And now, some dishonorable mentions before we get to Number 1 (which you all know)

I think his Name is Baxter Stockman. You can consider this Number 11, it's just really boring

Mikey Gets Shellacne- 
This is a total guilty pleasure episode, it's another one that has one major problem, Mikey being too stupid, but I'm more forgiving of this episode because it's one of the funniest of the series, this is also going in the best honorable mentions 

and... that's all I got, I can't think of any other candidates for this list. With that said, let's revisit my old enemy.....

1. The Usagi Trilogy 
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Miyamoto Usagi (TMNT)- Character Comparison by EmeraldOfTheOcean Usagi Trilogy- Animated Atrocity- TMNT 2012 by EmeraldOfTheOceanTMNT Thx for Making 2017 a Beautiful SeriesSendoff by EmeraldOfTheOcean#9 Protagonist Syndrome (Worst Character Cliches) by EmeraldOfTheOcean

This was no surprise, I've made it no secret that I hate this episode more than any other episode of this show. If you want even more details on why I hate this episode, read the links above. I can't think of a single this does well at all, let alone that I couldn't get out of another episode. It has good action, so what? I can get better action in other episodes with higher stakes. The villain is creepy and has mind control, so what? The Rat King is a trillion times better than this Wolf Guy, and the Rat King's plan actually makes sense. It's got a good vibe of Japanese culture, so what? Tale of the Yokai has the same thing with a better story, better pacing, better characters, and the Turtles actually have a place in the story. Speaking of the Turtles, their presence destroyed this episode. I've already talked about a lot, but this show had a serious case of Protagonist Syndrome, not as bad as Steven Universe or Pokemon, but it's never more apparent than it is in this episode. Because the Turtles are here, Usagi isn't given time for ANY character development because we spend all that time on the Turtles bonding with Kintaro. That dream sequence with Leo could've been given to Usagi and that dream could've shown anything about him, but they waste on a filler scene for Leonardo. Kintaro isn't Pony Head bad, but he probably has the worst design in the entire. I normally find pugs cute, but Kintaro is HIDEOUS! His eyes are too small, his clothe almost look painted onto his body, and teeth are too big and too white. He's another reason this episode is terrible. The Turtles spend more time bonding with this spoiled brat than they do with Usagi, Kintaro gets more development than Usagi, he's more interesting than Usagi, which is a serious problem. Much like the Live action Beauty and the Beast or the Last Airbender Movie, we spend as little time as possible with the character bonding, I feel literally nothing for the Turtles' friendship with Usagi because they have no chemistry. Again, they gave all of it to Kintaro except for 1 minute with Leo and Usagi. These two have been instant friends in most incarnations, but here it feels like they hate each other's guts. This is not a fun episode, nor is it compelling. Like the movies I mention, it's very contrived, all that happens is the plot. They don't even throw in jokes just to show the characters bonding. I'm sorry, they do with the Turtles and Kintaro, but not with Usagi. I'm sorry for haring on this, I'm being selfish demanding that the Usagi trilogy focuses on Usagi! Even the 80's series put more effort into this, but they didn't even show Usagi going home. The 80's Usagi had more of a personality, even though he was mainly a fish out of water. I've seen Token Love Interests, who only exist to be love interests, with more personality than the 2012 Usagi. I know the creators and staff are very happy with how this episode turned out, but I can't imagine what they were thinking. Literally, nothing about this is redeemable. I couldn't believe this is what the staff created, they should know so much better than these choices, but this episode made constant mistake after mistake, I was questioning if this wasn't one of their fanfictions from when they were 12. This is number one on the list because it had the most wasted potential of the series, made the most mistakes (that I talk about in the links above) and has the least good in it. This episode shows everything wrong with the series that I'm usually able to look past, but nothing in the Usagi trilogy doesn't have anything good in it. Again, that couldn't get in ANY other episode. I could go forever about the problems with this episode, but when it first came out, I didn't finish it because the episodes were so bad and I knew it wasn't going to satisfy me (it didn't). I've finished the episodes now, but this is the first time in my favorite cartoon of time where it was so bad, that I couldn't finish it, no other episode on this has done that. That's this episode's biggest crime, it failed to get me invested in my favorite characters. 

And you know why? I love these characters, they are diverse, vivid, realistic teenage characters who could make any scenario work, no matter where you put them. I grew with these guys, I felt like they were alive and I was fighting alongside them. I love this series because it's so welcoming and has so dynamic in their actions and interactions. I hate the Usagi the most because it fails to capture why I love this series so much, every other episode had 1 positive trait or scene that displayed the strengths of the series. The Usagi trilogy has nothing. I love this show, and thank God they followed this piece of shit episode with the best episode of season 5, because nothing in this trilogy reminded me of why I love the show much. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to start work on my best of the series later today and unlike the Usagi Trilogy, show you what makes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles so amazing.

This is EmeraldoftheOcean, signing out with her loudest Cowabunga!
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Very disappointed with #1, it totally nullifies the list! "Yojimobo" is one of the best episodes of the entire series and while the rest of the trilogy isn't as good as it is, it's still the best of the season! "Monsters vs. Mutants", with its unnecessary and overly campy storyline, and "The Kavaxas Saga" which failed miserably to provide the closure that the Hamato vs Foot story needed, are far and away the worst of that season!
Sukoshi13 Featured By Owner Edited Apr 12, 2018
Here are my thoughts on each episode mentioned:

4) I vividly remember wanting to vomit as I watched this episode. It was one of the grossest things I've ever seen and it felt like it was written for something like Ren and Stimpy or Sanjay and Craig. :yuck: 

3) My Animated Atrocities page reflects how I feel about this. I completely agree with you, and so far it's my #1 least favorite episode.

2) Eew...what the HECK is that Wyrm thingie?!:confused: Regardless, I'll take your advice and just skip it...or watch the Monkey Team episode.

DM's: I thought "Mikey Gets Shellacne" would be on this list. It felt very...mean-spirited and cruel towards Mikey, and it hurt to watch him as all the giant zits grew on him. Was he treated meanly by the turtles in other incarnations?
In retrospect..."Baxter Stockman" wasn't a very good episode, and the joke that the characters kept forgetting Baxter's name dragged on WAY TOO LONG. TMNT 2003 did this character much greater justice IMO.

1) Haven't seen it, but I'm very disappointed that it turned out to be terrible from what I've heard from you and ghffff . After seeing some small clips from TMNT 2003, I wanted Leo and Usagi to get together in the 2012 series. Heck, I bet A LOT of people did. The Usagi comics deserve much better (heck, I'd be fine if Nick ditched TMNT and made an Usagi spin-off series) than this bad crossover arc.
ghffff Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2018
The Usagi comics are amazing BTW
dondena Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
The Wyrm one was definitely a stupid one. I still don't get if the Pizza Face one was a real thing or was it a real dream? I hated the Usagi shows in the season 5. I really hated that villain and the brat pug. 
Flutterbunny76 Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2018
We all saw #1 a mile away.
Biggest letdown ever.
They should have never made Kintaro.
oldschool1990 Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2018
Season 5, while I enjoyed it, simply wasn't as good as the first 4 seasons. It just basically served as a giant epilogue/filler season. I can see and even appreciate that being done for the very last episode of a show, but not an entire season.
EmeraldOfTheOcean Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
The Usagi trilogy was the only thing I didn’t like in Season 5, I still loved it
Jaylop97 Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Those character designs in the Usagi trilogy were pretty ugly, I don't think they blend well in the 3d world, in 2d they look a lot better.
GiLawTheSparky Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2018  Hobbyist
Yeah, knew #2 was gonna be up there. I actually watched the episode and maybe it's because I don't watch a lot of TMNT but I was like "How are they in space? The only time Ninja Turtles should be in space is when they're teaming up with the Power Rangers and even then, Venus sucked in that as well! From that crossover, I can see why people don't like her (she's one of those characters I hate to love).
RaphaelLover123 Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
I actually love the usagi trilogy. Please don't kill me.

The other episodes are guilty pleasures.

I'm gonna make a top five worst episodes of TMNT 2012 myself. You inspired me to create one 
EmeraldOfTheOcean Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
What do you like about it? I’m curious.
RaphaelLover123 Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
For me, I like the dark elements that was portrayed in the second episode of the usagi trilogy. I also like how they incorporated some spiritual stuff that you see in Japan. I also like the looney tunes reference they put in the show.

Forgive if my reasons sound stupid. 
EmeraldOfTheOcean Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Again, you can get all of those dark elements and Japanese stuff from Tale of the Yokai, a much better episode in every single way. It’s not a stupid reason, it’s just not one I agree with. Sorry, but I really can’t find anything good in this trilogy
RaphaelLover123 Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
It's okay. I completely understand. I like the TMNT episodes that have dark elements in it. IDK why, but that's just me.
ghffff Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2018
The Usagi Trilogy was horrible
RaccoonBroVA Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2018
4. That's a guilty pleasure of mine.

3. I agree, this is a pretty terrible episode. And that ending really did destroy any good will it had.

And I haven't gotten to season 4 nd 5 yet. Been taking a break for Voltron and Venture Bros.
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