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Oct 3: Abu Rigl Maslukha



A punishing child eater, the Abu Rigl Maslukha.

From a children's story in Ancient Egypt, The Abu Rigl Maslukha was a child who got his leg burnt because he didn't listen to his mother, and because of it, the Abu Rigl Maslukha goes around finding disobedient children to cook and eat them.

This boogeyman's name literally translates to "Man with a Burnt Leg", and because of this debilitating injury, he takes it out on children as parents in Egypt use the Abu Rigl Maslukha as a motivation for children to behave.

For my depiction, I used the obvious mummy motif for the basic design, while running with the burnt leg idea as making him have his leg perpetually on fire to fuel his anger. I added smoke emanating from his body to show that he, too , is in a constant state of never ending heatstroke. The facial features I modeled after Eva Unit 01's bandaged face from Neon Genesis Evangelion. Plus with a fiery leg, I endowed the Abu Rigl Maslukha with fire powers, hence the Shining Finger hand reaching out to cook children.
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