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That outfit looks super cute on Wallflower.:heart:

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Looking more beautiful than ever from her previous outfit, I'm sure a boyfriend will come to her.

I hope you got one University outfit for Juniper Montage too.

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Wallflower is so precious!

Great job,dude!

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that outfit looks great on her. makes her look even cuter <3


Lovely, this character need more of these fan arts

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She looks lovely in that nice sundress. <3

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Perfect look for best girl . She so adorable I can't stand it!

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Name: Wallflower Blush

Age: Late teens to mid 20s


Intended Major: Botany/Agriculture

Bio: For most of her life, she lived to her name. Shy, awkward and a bit introverted. She’s always been the quiet type. Never bothered anyone and no one bothered her. Wallflower described herself as a background character whose name you’ll only know if you went to the wikia. It was surprising when she could hold a grudge. Sunset Shimmer was her target. Sunset had a nasty streak during their time at CHS but she was nasty to everyone. You can’t really blame Wallflower Blush for feeling like that. Imagine the most hated person in your school becoming one of the beloved and that they didn’t even remember your name. That stung her knowing that she wasn’t even worth a memory.

Soon the botany club where she was the only member found a strange plant. The name of the plant has been redacted for the following reasons. It can cause memory loss or a complete mind wipe depending on the one’s exposure. Wallflower used it against Sunset’s friends resulting in them forgetting at least a year’s worth of interaction with Sunset thinking that she’s still the tyrant she used to be. Fortunately with the help of Trixie Lulamoon they were able to stop her along with Twilight developing an antidote.

Honestly when you think about it this sounds like something out of a soft magical fantasy super hero cartoon. They always have a memory loss episode. Sunset is the reformed bully while Wallflower was one of her targets.

So what happened to her since then? The first and most important thing is that she apologized and vastly improved her social skills. Her club grew with the prominent members being herself, Trixie, Octavia, Juniper Montaje, Pixel Pizzaz and Ms. Cheerilee as the moderator. Wallflower even went on a few dates here and there. Overall it’s nice to know she’s becoming a more well-adjusted and happier individual.

She’s currently involved with various plant studies and volunteers and/or works at Camp Everfree allowing her to get a moderate scholarship. Wallflower Blush has been frequently seen with a young man named Timber Spruce outside of school. Coworkers, friends or more? Nevertheless I hope that they have a happy and healthy relationship.

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aun asi la van a olvidar

beautiful !!!

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Simply outstanding!

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Luv the Sun Dress shes wearing as it totally suits her personality for Nature! :3

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Nice work still.

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Wallflower is going through a photosynthesis

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