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Sunset Shimmer Day: Princess Sunset


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After following her for so long, we knew for a while this was always her dream, even in the beginning. For the sake of Sunset Shimmer Day, how about we watch this stunning event become real as we transition into autumn?

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Twilight and Sunset both cleaned up her own mess.

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She's so lovely.:heart:

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I wish Sunset was a princess. she's so much cooler imo

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Beautiful! I wish we had gotten this form of Sunset in the series as the new Princess of the Sun with Twilight being her consort and the new Princess of the Night.
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Sunset and glimmer are both very alike and have both been in a movie together I don’t see why they both should become second-hand princesses and have twilight become the “queen” and all three rule together along with the other “mane 6” I feel like they could of made mlp end better, perhaps they will make more seasons. Sunset shimmer is awesome this is one of the best drawings I have seen for her, how did you do this???

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The alicorn form Sunset Shimmer deserved (after her redemption, of course)
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Now I really wan't to see a Celestia proportioned alicorn Starlight, just for shit's and giggles.
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If only she had been more patient and learn under Celestia the right way, she could have been this.
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Very impressive!
Pinkie-Dash0w0's avatar
can you do Twilight in season 9 with the pose of sunset please?
iamnater1225's avatar
I can't wait to see Princess Twilight Sparkle's future self soon.
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Lovely work, though I have to admit that the regalia kinda gets lost in being the same family of brilliant gold as Sunset herself.
SuperSabre-Tooth's avatar
I'd try something different than the golden jewelry to stand out more.
CrazyGraeHawkatoo's avatar
So...Does this make Twilight the new Princess of the Moon?
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I would see Princess Sunset raise the sun Like Princess Celestia.

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Princess Bacon Mane. ;)
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maybe  Sunset should of had  Luna design look to go with Twilight's Celestia look
LightReading2's avatar
princess sunset looks great. makes me glad Twilight still has Cadance and Flurry heart   for when  she loose mane five
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