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Scootaloo's Family

It took them 9 whole seasons, but we finally see she's not an orphan! Amazing!
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is that steve irwin

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It suddenly occurs to me that this makes Scootaloo basically a Rule 85 Dora the Explorer
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About time they made an appearance.
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Im way over Scootaloo not being an orphan. Your parents are very interesting and have unique designs and personalities. And that was one of if not the best Cmc episodes.
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Almost nine entire seasons and just NOW we learn that Scootaloo actually has parents? But the reason we never heard about them is because their job just keeps them away? Yeah, sure. Your daughter gets mixed up with tons of horrible, evil villains, and helps save the world a few times, and you NEVER return home to check to see if she's alright? Your job is THAT important to you?
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Also hasn't like what...2...3 years have passed in the show and they now check up on her?
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The timeline is strange

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Well they have very demanding jobs that only they can do so its kinda understandable.
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The episode should've ended with her parents staying in Ponyville... :( (Sad) :( (Sad) 
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They have demanding jobs though.

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What demanding jobs?

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...Are you serious? Did you even watch the episode?

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What's that supposed to mean?

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I don't know, to be honest...

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Just go watch the episode.

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Haha!  Suck it, bronies!  Another subject of fan fiction slips down the drain!  Now, we watch them cry to Hasbro and suck on their delicious tears!
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Is this a joke, because people can still write fanfiction the way they want to, you realise that right?  Sorry, if it's just a joke.

Incidentally, my fanon was always that she had parents, but I had a different idea of them (they were both non-pegasus ponies in my mind - most likely earth ponies)  I may still do this if it fits my story better.
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It's not a joke towards Scootabusers and Scootorphan bronies.
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Low key though, Snap Shutter looks like Stewe Irwin. Just saying.
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Her parents kind of remind me of two characters from Jurassic Park.  
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