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Luv this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bet that's what they would look like if u mixed Gen 4's Designs with Pony Life's Designs!

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Huh. So that's what the Mane 6 look like from Pony Life. Impressive job.

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These are adorable!

You did a fantastic job in this! I would love to see this in reverse :3

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If only they actually looked like this in the series itself......

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A horsehair hairstyle and a hoof polish later and you're ready for your new series.
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It looks like fun, but can this new show live up to its predecessor’s reputation?

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Jeremy-The-Guy's avatar

Good blending of designs here ;)

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They look pretty cute like that. :3

This is wonderful!

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😂 i find it fun it was just 666 people that seen this picture.
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Gather up time to drink a potion ^^
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You did a great job! It looks very accurate.

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really want Hasbro to do the short showing where the potions come from

Spoiler Alert

Wish granted ;)

VenomousPie469's avatar
They actually look adorable with that art style
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rw:oddly enought this pic of PL looks alot better than the show itself (could you imagine a crossover happening like this when the PL characters meet the MLPFIM characters like this?) it would be awesome ^_^

Rockhoppr3's avatar

Very nice, I do like the Pony Life designs, they are very cute. But I also liked the body proportions of G4. This pretty much combines the two.

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What an awesome show!

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This version of the redesigns is SO much easier to swallow

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