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Hot off the Dresses

A custom dress to reflect my past fashion? Haha, very funny, Rarity.
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Sunset Shimmer! 😃

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Awesome! And she sure looks hot with that, not just with the old dress from her past years, but also that long hair!

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Say that dress reminds me of hekapoo

CameoFiasco's avatar
All she needs is a headband with batwings and she could pass for a Darkstalker
CartoonAnimeFan2000's avatar
Nice and outstanding!
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SammyD-Productions's avatar
Okay Sunset, as long as you don't turn into that she-demon again.....I'm happy.XD
AceFoxy13's avatar

I'm really liked the Sunset Shimmer she-demon outfit.

MightyMorphinPower4's avatar
Hot and beatiful work on her
Zealos5's avatar
She's really hot. I ship my oc (me) and Sunset
Jimbodeek's avatar
Say what you will about Demon Sunset, but you can't deny that she was HOT.

Also, note that Sunset's hair seems a bit longer than normal here.
flyscratch's avatar
i think you look hot in it
DarthWill3's avatar
Groovy outfit that was. :D
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Looking pretty Sunset :D. You should ask rarity to make something special for this month of mermay ;)
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Yay! X 100 Sunset Shimmer wears Hekapoo's Clothes from Star Vs The Forces of Evil!

mcb0008's avatar
Oh mama you looking good!
CCB-18's avatar
Reminds something that either Fire Nations from Avatar or Gormiti might wear...
Bbiohazard's avatar
This girl is on fire🔥, baby!!😍😍
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