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Goth Shimmer

This certainly is a new edgier look for me~
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Litterally me as a my little pony

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Want Love Need It
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Like mother, like daughter, am I right? ;)
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How cooler can you get?
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oh my GOD i'm in love...ftu rainbow heart 
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Ein deutsches Pferd.
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Is this a Pony Mania Sunset Shimmer??
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Burnt Bacon Horse
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A little bit reminds me of Floor Jansen of Nightwish
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hell yeah! Punk rock goth ponie XD

Ivy - flame whip animation by pizzawithoutcheese
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Fantastic job keep up the good work. 
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Epic Belgian or German Shimmy ~~

Awesome work!
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My thoughts exactly !
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Nice colors!
She looks great!
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I love it! The show could use more Goth ponies, because they look awesome. Just look at Goth Fluttershy and Goth Celestia.
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