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She look like Elsa from the Disney movie Frozen.

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"Let them burn, let them burn!

They're no longer my concern!

Let them burn, let them burn!

Time to show the world

It's my turn!

I won't care, how they're going to scream!

Let the fire rage on.

Flames never seemed to bother me!"

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She's gorgeous.

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If Elsa had fire magic instead of ice magic 🔥
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I’ll be happy to dance with you, Sunset Shimmer! 😊😊😊❤️❤️❤️

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Great to see Sunset care about something else for the Fall Formal rather than being a princess.

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Quite beautiful!

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feels like this outfit work if Anna was queen instead of Elsa

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Wow sunshim is really beautiful

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This is someone who'd I'd actually ask on a date, and for prom!

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Thank you!! Tjis looked wonderful!!

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May I have this dance, m'lady?

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Now that's presentation😌.
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Nice phoenix colouring for her :)

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May I dance with you my sweet Angel ? Gosh she looks so Gorgeous great work

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