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Trench's Story (part 5): Depths

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Tier 6 for Magical Progression for Trench

Her feet pounded on the soft soil of the forest, her lungs burned as she charged on. With each step her legs felt heavier ad heavier, sinking into the leaf littered ground. Everything grew hazy, the world seemed to slow down as she sank lower and lower. It was like she was entering a dream, everything felt warm at first, like being curled up safely in her own bed but it was soon quickly replaced with a cold hollow feeling. She couldn't move, she couldn't breath. Everything had gone dark around her, like she was in the ground, or was she the ground? Trench wanted it to stop, she wanted to go back, to turn around and go back to Aurora, to tell him she was sorry and that she wouldn't mess with magic again. A sick feeling twisted up inside of her, or was it more around her if she had really become the ground it's self? Where was Aurora Borealis? Would he ever be able to find her there or was she stuck in this state forever? She remembered what the book said, or more she remembered what she had skimmed over, the highest tier of magic, shifting their own appearance to become what their namesake was.  Trench could feel her consciousness slipping, her thoughts drifted, the hollowness enveloped her, and then it all came back. 
She lay on her side in a shallow imprint, the afternoon sun shone down through the trees, small pools of golden light through the velvety green of the tree canopy. Trench sat up, her heart pounded in her chest, her head ached, she felt weak. She tried to pull herself to her feet, but her legs couldn't take her weight. Trench collapsed back into the dirt, panting. The world spun around her, she shut her eyes tight and could feel sleep waiting at the edge of her consciousness. Trench figured Aurora must be looking for her, she let herself slip into oblivion, he wouldn't have just left her. 

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