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Sound of Silence deviantART protest

Here is an image I am going to post as my status for the #soundofsilencemovement protest May 1-3.  Please feel free to repost.

To be honest, I'm terribly fickle when it comes to sweeping change.  Sometimes it's fine, especially when the outcome is positive, and sometimes I'm just in a stubborn mind and wont accept changes (even good ones).  I will admit, I've been giving Eclipse an honest chance the last few days and have come to the conclusion there are a few technical aspects that are an actual improvement (the llama system is faster).  That said, I still feel Eclipse is poorly designed and the community has been marginalized in the interest of building a 'modern' website.  While the weird little type, poor page proportions,  and the inability to switch my 'home' page to my profile page (as opposed to my Recommended for you page) is very annoying, being marginalized by those who purport to listen to the community is over the line.

To me deviantART was a place where artists of all ability could share their journey with others.  Something like MySpace without all the noise (and less of the epilepsy inducing tiled GIFs).  I'm not sure deviantART really had an air of professionalism like ArtStation or Behance, but it definitely garnered a measure or two of pride from simply being part of the community.  Not to mention that even the well known artists weren't so high and mighty as to not interact with their fans and occasionally give helpful pointers.  It is a special place, more than the sum of the website.

So to be disregarded by a development team, and seemingly pushed into using an interface reeking of Wix/SquareSpace/etc templated web development is incredibly hurtful.  Especially so considering the irony of deviantART being founded for the purpose of sharing skins for ugly interfaces (WinAMP was never very pretty), and not they want it to "look like a modern website".  What does that even mean?  I'm on ArtStation, I think it's a cluttered mess and the page frame wobbles around while scrolling.  Is that modern?  Change for the sake of change is not always a good thing.  Consider this:  early trucks from Chevrolet were impossible to lock the keys inside of (my experience is with one from 1953, which all trucks from 1947 to early 1955 are more or less functionally identical).  The door locked from the inside via pushing the door handle forward, and could only be locked when the door was closed.  The key only locked/unlocked the passenger side door from the outside.  The only way I can conceive possibly being able to lock a key inside the truck is to lock the closed driver side door from inside, scoot out the passenger side door, lock the open door with the key, toss said key into the truck and close the door....maybe.  While I can agree the door handle/lock arrangement is questionable (kiddos could inadvertently open a 'locked' door while driving)  The button system on various cars in the last 50 years was not much of an improvement.  Point is, who cares if it looks like a website from 1995?  Not all websites from back then were eyesores created by designers lacking restraint. 

Tl;dr --  Here is the flag I'm going to wave in protest of the hypocritical, heavy-handed manner in which the deviantART development section has been acting toward the community.  While I am against change for the sake of change, I am open to the possibility of change for the sake of an improved user experience.  I appreciate some of the framework improvements already in place, yet feel they are overshadowed by poor design.  Do something unique deviantART, don't be ArtStation by deviantART!
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It took me twenty minutes and a lot of running around on Eclipse to find my favorites. This is a messy layout and it makes no sense. Whoever or whatever designed this disaster needs to be fired and banned from any website work.:stare:

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The amusing thing is that the favorites are in roughly the same place...the path just isn't the most obvious.

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Why not just put it up top on the main page like the old DA? Oh, that would be too easy! (sarcasm because strangling an idiot is illegal)

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This officially is the Spider Man No More of Deviantart :spidey:
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Ecplise is slippery and clunky, this mandatory feature is a pure scam. Ecplise will help enemies such as bots that invades this site. We can't give up without fighting.
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Y'know, this whole thing has been really unsettling.  Not too surprising for some of us who have been part of the Artist Ban in the earlier years, but the forced-silence by those who run the site now ... just wow.  I had mentioned to a few friends that I thought it was awesome for this place to see more people hitting the site than ever ... especially before the Pandemic watching friends either give up or just disappear.  Now, it can happen because of a lot of possibilities.  But now ... "We are going to use Eclipse!" ... and people leave faster than kids did when the last bell to school rang.  And that I know all-too-well from being on both sides of that stampede.  
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On the bright side, it did inspire some of the admin devs to to actually starting talking to ppl.

Tbh I wouldn't worry too much, the community is pretty tough, and those doing the most dramatic complaining are relatively few (Anti-Eclipse art is several pages from the front of anything).  Personally, I am not permanently leaving, there is no point in that.  I've always framed it is 'renegotiating' my relationship with dA.  Actually some aspects of Eclipse are kind of growing on me, even though I still think it is poorly designed.  I'm slowly coming to the realization that about 70% of the poor design issues is some lazy dev up there trying to make a one size fits all layout (My two biggest pet peeves were solved, more or less, by turning by screen sidesways)
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Really?  They still owe me about 5+ years of Bogo subscriptions, perhaps more.  I have been all over them trying to get that fixed.  And what have they been talking about?  That is something I would love to know.

And I hear you there.  I'm not leaving, though I might slow down on  my checking out this place or even posting to it for a while.  I haven't used Eclipse to be fair, but from what I have seen, I'm not thrilled.  Change can be rough.
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She is one of the early protesters spreading the boycott, and if I could find the other post I saw I'd send it too.  Apparently they emailed her and opened the door to constructive criticism outside of bug-hunting.  So we'll see.

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Like I said earlier, I still think there's more at play with this forcing of a system that few want on everyone.
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Well said. They had a good looking site, that was well organised, user friendly, easy to navigate, and decided to make it a mess just to look more modern. DevianArt stand out from other art site because it didn't look like all sites look nowadays (dark and messy), but now it will become another fish in a sea of terrible sites. 
This was the only art site I liked, but I don't think I will be using it much after May 20th. Just another thing to add to the crap pile that has been this year.
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Users: We don't want Eclipse!
DA staff: We want Eclipse? OK!
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Me: Then All Users leaves DA, bring the End of DA as we know it. Bankruptcy, Out Of Business, DA Shutting Down. You had been warned.
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Probably not.

Probable scenario:  Sun keeps coming up, dA continues to be relatively itself with a minor shift in the user base.

Worst case scenario:  dA falls into that weird Interweb purgatory that MySpace lives in.
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Like YouTube Web Redesign?
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I keep hearing YouTube's layout isn't very well loved.  :shrug: I dunno, I'm not a rabid YouTube user, so I can't say it has changed much.  I will note, however, it definitely looks a lot like a generic Google app these days.
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I don't think Youtube changed that much. They manly changed how things looked making it look more modern, but they kept most things in the same place so it didn't changed much in organization or the way the site works. They made it dark (obviously, can't be modern if it's not black), but we have the option to change it to the light version, and that's what I did cause I hate dark sites, they are terrible on the eyes. 
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I actually had to do some poking to figure out what had changed.  I'd forgot about the old site with the little blue tabs. :shrug:  Like I mentioned above, I'm not a rabid YouTube person...and only ended up posting stuff there for art school.  Otherwise, I watch videos and that's about it.  You can't imagine how happy I was to realize YouTube was slowly transitioning to HTML5 a few years ago.  Setting up the Flash plugin on Linux used to be a real bear.

I have mixed feelings on dark themed anything.  I've been using a dark theme on my laptop for a bit, and it may not stay.  I am constantly hitting the wrong window control and closing programs I'm working on.  Heh...I was telling somebody else the other day, I used to have a Windows 3.11 computer that had a very similar color scheme to deviantART. :lol: (I think it was one of the stock color schemes I tweaked slightly)
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This will fail
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Probably. But at least somebody up there will be aware their efforts are not appreciated by all.

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Oh! I think I see what fella is doing here. I thought he was turning off the new DeviantArt but... he's actually protesting too. Isn't he?
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