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Death Note: Matsuda

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My entry for a contest held by the :iconmatsuda-club:.

Now, before you go "WTF? Why does he have a Death Note???"... This pic is based on a fan fic I wrote.

One year later... What if Ryuk dropped another Death Note? Will Near survive another encounter with the deadly weapon? What if... it was Matsuda who found it?

Lol, I just couldn't help it. :P This idea has been floating around my head for quite a time now. Call me crazy, I could care less. :XD:

Other Fanarts I've done for this fanfic:
-When It Rains [link]
-Hate You [link]
-New Beginning [link]
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Is the fan fic still up? I would really like to read it!
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Interesting. Matsuda was one of the only straight up heroes show. Though that is debatable as he does feel sympathy and under stand Kira's motivation. And it is very possible that Ryuk will drop the Death Note again. Though out of all the people trying to catch Kira Matsuda was the least intelligent. Though he may not be stupid just not as smart as L, Light, Near or Mello. So I don't think he will last long.
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REEAALLYYY sorry for the late reply.

But yea pfff, he totally wouldn't. His only hope is if something majorly interferred with Near pfff.

But aaa thanks for the comment. ;u;/
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WHY THE F*CK DOES HE HAVE THE DEATH NOTE!??!?! :iconspazattackplz:
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ZoneRobotnikHobbyist Writer
Can I get a link to this fanfic? It looks interesting. :)
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Ah, thank you for the interest! Unfortunately though, I might not finish it? :c So maybe best not to try reading the fic? But up to you?
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ZoneRobotnikHobbyist Writer
Aw, rats. I already read a bit and love it. XD;
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Aaaaah, sorryyy. ;;

I dunno been a long while since I've written for it, so I dunno.
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ZoneRobotnikHobbyist Writer
Please finish it? I have a lot of stories I've been leaving alone due to lack of time and muse, but I do intend to finish them! And I bookmarked your story, too!
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Ah, we'll see? At the moment I'm sort of in a competition, so quite busy. But I guess we'll see how it goes when I get free time? :)
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Matsuda get a Death Note!?
Ryuk, why did you dropped this again!? and why Matsuda got the notebook!?
What will happend to the world now!?

But I love how you drew this. great job! :D
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Aww, thank you! XD
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AngelyraStudent General Artist
Haha Matusda's an idiot! But he's a likeable idiot. I'll read your fan fic. I will see what he gets up to...
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Lol, yes he is. XDD

Umm, about the fic, other than it being not that good, it's been on hiatus for a long time... ^^;
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Kyaaaaa!! I love Matsu! He is awesome, and this picture is great! <3 :3
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Margaret-BeltStudent Writer
*Chats* "SEASON 2! SEASON 2! Hahaha! I love Matsuda! He deserves to be the next Kira! Although he's not so bright. :3
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