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gunzy1's avatar
Well I'm up to the task. Willing to co-operate with anyone that has some technical manipulating skills (such as Lighting and postwork which are my main concerns)

My Gallery Progress: [link] just click on "Photomanipulations" on the left-hand side panel........btw in advance, I use a touchpad (that's why paint effects, such as lighting, are an issue)

Anyone williing to work with me??? then reply or note me please:)
gunzy1's avatar
this is besides contests i'm talking about
Armonah's avatar
Hello :)

Your contest got featured here: [link]
missnayuh's avatar
I can donate a llama, feature, and a personalized stamp. :)
Emerald-Depths's avatar
To which place? Or does it not matter?
missnayuh's avatar
If it's okay, I can for each of the winners.
LittlePurpleBee's avatar
I would love to enter!! If anyone needs a partner send me a note :dance: :heart:
MintLilac's avatar
I'm looking for a partner. I'm both a manipulator and photographer. :aww:
dhik-a's avatar
So, how do we got our partner? 'Cause I'm in :D
Emerald-Depths's avatar
You can approach anyone who is a photomanipulator. :la: Anyone can take part who is willing. :heart:
Ata-Ur-Rehman's avatar
I am looking for a partner.. It would be a great fun to create Artistically with a partner.. :) awesome... :heart:
CattleDogCorner's avatar
Oh I would love to join! If you need a partner just send me a note. I'm in!
Lokiev's avatar
Just putting it out there too - I'm also looking for a partner. :D
Gallery: [link]

Just drop me a line or something, and maybe we can work something out.
TitusBoy25's avatar
this is very interesting....
Susaleena's avatar
I can manipulate pretty well, see my gallery :) Need a partner!
phoenixleo's avatar
Also, how many entries per collaborations? :O_o:
phoenixleo's avatar
Ohh interesting :la: will add to my module.
And I may try this :paranoid:
And need to find partners :crying:
Emerald-Depths's avatar
Thank you! :glomp: I appreciate it. :iconlawooplz:
It would be so awesome to see an entry. :iconeagerpee:

And I can't believe I forgot to put the limit in there. Only one entry allowed. :dummy:
BleachRaveParty's avatar
im good at takeing photos and need a partner that can manipulat the photo
Thecarpetwhale's avatar
I can do pretty well. I have a few examples of that sort of thing in my gallery if your interested in being my partner..
BleachRaveParty's avatar
yay! yeah i will be your partner, i really like this one [link] of yours
Is there anything in particular you think would make a good photo
[link] <~~~ My Photos (if you wanna take a look)
Thecarpetwhale's avatar
SUCCESS. :D Odly enough...I think I could do the most with this one [link] I could make it look like they're holding a sun or something...I dunno.

And thank you! :D That was one of the hardest photo idits I've ever done but I agree, it's the best one.
BleachRaveParty's avatar
i can always take a new photo and the them is weather.......
I don't know any ideas
Thecarpetwhale's avatar
Hm...You could take a picture of Clouds...or take a picture of somethig while it's raining. I don't usually know what I want to do with a picture until I see it....Sooo...yeah..

Do you have any ideas?
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