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Inspired by Disney-Pixar's Brave :heart:

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Forest - ~At-Stock | at-stock.deviantart.com/art/AT…
Flames - ~7Kindustry | 7kindustry.deviantart.com/art/…
Horse and rider - *MeetMeAtTheLake2Nite | meetmeatthelake2nite.deviantar… (Model - Lor Myers / Photographer - Sylvia Jae Houston)
Brush - ~SJWalker | sjwalker.deviantart.com/art/Pa…

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Beautiful work, I love this picture, having found it accidentally on Youtube while listening to some music. I'd hoped to find the picture and see if I could use it for a poem about a particular dwarf on AllPoetry. I've written two parts to the epic poem, and a third part awaits and I'm looking for an inspirational picture to accompany it. What I love most of the picture is that it looks like a clip from a real movie, and at first I didn't see the rider, but when I did, it was a thrill because the dwarf in my poem is riding a horse. But I also like the fact that, to me at least, you make the picture seem as if it is from the vantage point of a person or thing watching from a distance and to whom or which the wisps are leading the rider. I'd be happy to credit you, and if you'd like to read the poem/tale, I would be glad to send you the link.