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The Temptress

Another one of my more random ideas. :lol: I am really proud of it. ^^

No critique, please.

Stock credit:
Canyon - *LucieG-Stock [link]
Model - *faestock [link]
Sky - ~riktorsashen [link]
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LucieG-Stock's avatar
It looks great, nice work! :)
LianaSoul's avatar
lol definately random. ^^ Looks really cool.
scifimom05060's avatar
Good work! But what's that thing sticking out of her hair?
Emerald-Depths's avatar
Thank you. :)

I think it may be one of her curls. I'll try editing it out or fraying it a bit to make it look more natural.
Hurricane-Jeanne's avatar
I agree with those who say it reminds them of when Ursula turns into Vanessa and is on the beach hypnotizing Eric. :aww: (I was obsessed with The Little Mermaid when I was a kids ^^;) This is so pretty and dark and evil and yet elegant at the same time! :clap:
Emerald-Depths's avatar
I really have to watch that movie again. I myself was obsessed with The Lion King, so I've only seen The Little Mermaid a handful of times.

But thank you. ^^
Hurricane-Jeanne's avatar
You're welcome! :D My roommate is a Lion King girl, whereas I'm a Little Mermaid girl. The last time I saw the Lion King was in my high school freshman Spanish class. :XD:
random-victory's avatar
remarkable artwork ..: D
composition of the cool colors ..: D
I love this ..: D
HippieVan57's avatar
HippieVan57's avatar
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Emerald-Depths's avatar
I'm glad you think so. ^^
SorceressStoned's avatar
That makes three. XD I love the glow, you did a fantastic job! <3
Emerald-Depths's avatar
:D The glow was fun to do. It turned out just eerie enough.
WildDragonfly's avatar
I thought exactly what SavvyLiz did, wow you did such a great job. :love:
Emerald-Depths's avatar
Hehe. Thank you. ^^
SavvyLiz's avatar
Awesome!... Reminds me of when Ursula changed into a human and is walking along the beach in The Little Mermaid!... Beautifully done!
Emerald-Depths's avatar
For some reason I don't remember that part. :confused: Then again, it has been years since I've seen the movie.

Thank you, though. :hug:
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