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Off the Beaten Path

Here's to some more experimenting. :ahoy: It has been QUITE some time since I've done something involving an animal of some sort. For this particular one, I really like the end result. :heart:

Stock credit:
[stock] Mystic woods by DominikaAniolaDominikaAniola
follow the river 1st autumn by BurtnBurtn
rocky mountain horse 2 by venomxbabyvenomxbaby
Light Beams + Rays Photoshop and GIMP Brushes by redheadstockredheadstock

Other landscapes:
Arctic Tundra by Emerald-DepthsAnother Realm by Emerald-Depths

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:star::star::star::star-half::star-empty: Overall
:star::star::star::star-empty::star-empty: Vision
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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Technique
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I first stumbled across this piece months ago and very quickly stored it away forever among my favorites. Today, while flicking through that list, I bumped into it again.

This artwork is a stunning example of photo manipulation, blending the varies stock photos together with enough care to make it look real instead of a collage of different pictures. Also, the almost fantasy themes here come across very strongly, so much in fact that I was surprised that the horse was not a unicorn.

The only element I am less fond of is the horse's hooves which seem distorted and unrefined. Though the shadow of the horse itself does a brilliant job of hiding this in plain sight.

But beyond that; the bonding and merging of the river and land, fantastically done, the lighting which matches perfectly all the way around is fantastic and the whole picture really is two thumbs up.

This is one piece of art that will not be leaving my fav box any time soon! I am quite taken. Well done.
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Very well done! I love the way that you combined different images to create this one.
Emerald-Depths's avatar
Thank you very much! :)
otherland78's avatar
what a beautiful pic wow ^^
sami9820's avatar
I love this one sooo much. Great job
Lathyllie's avatar
Wooo. Its exellent! :huggle:
Minnosh's avatar
Wow! I'm speechless! This is simply amazing
nikita1204's avatar
WOW that is so cool :D
nikita1204's avatar
Nectarscent's avatar
unbelievably breathtaking
killswitchengagex's avatar
ok buddy here to help again
i think its perfectly executed , yet the magenta aura is a bit .... odd maybe blue wouldve been cool or green with some mystic light ray added with small butterflies or faeries keep it up
Cinders8328's avatar
Wow, I wish that I could do things as well as you do. This is mesmerizing!
Emerald-Depths's avatar
Thank you so much. :blush:
Lyokofan97's avatar
Amazing use of the stocks, I would have said it is a real photo! And that pink color in general... I love it.
Emerald-Depths's avatar
Thank you kindly. :thanks:
Lyokofan97's avatar
You're welcome :aww:
everfae's avatar
These colours are gorgeous!
Emerald-Depths's avatar
Glad you think so. :glomp:
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