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Luna Moth



So I'm at it again.. :paranoid:

Probably will be another mini series like with the flowers. Just this time, insects.

I chose this one first because I think these are beautiful. Something made me think of them today, and I remembered when I caught one (in the middle of the day) several years ago.

I will be doing Ladybug and probably Tiger Swallow. If there are any other suggestions, don't hesitate to mention them. :D

Tutorial - [link]

Stock credit:
Eye - ~Becs-Stock [link]
Luna moth - ~zephyrofgod [link]

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I remember how striking I thought this was the first time I saw it. I think you took the whole concept of eye art and put a bit of a new twist on it by adding the insects. I like how you managed to have a cohesive color scheme without making it look dull and boring. If it were me, I would've made the make-up a bit more saturated and I also would've made the eye color a contrasting color to make it more interesting. Maybe something with a hint of red would've really set it off and made it even better than it already is. Aside from that, I love the shadows and I love the curves to this photomanipulation. You have an awesome piece of art here.