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May 12, 2010
A Break in the Monotony by =Emerald-Depths
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A Break in the Monotony


This is a gift for PurpleCupcakes. :hug:

Now available as a print! :heart:

"..and then the sun came from above,
to cleanse away the darkness,
to bring hope and love,
all this from above..."

-Chris Powell, saxartist05

"Standing proud and alone in this dark world,
the chosen tree waits,
illuminated by light from heaven..."


Stock credit:
Field - frozenstocks frozenstocks.deviantart.com/ar…
Clouds - taeliac-stock taeliac-stock.deviantart.com/a…
Tree - Its-Only-Stock its-only-stock.deviantart.com/…
Mountains - OghamMoon gothicbohemianstock.deviantart…
Light brush - redheadstock redheadstock.deviantart.com/ar…

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Tutorial - A Break in the... by Emerald-Depths

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is this 2009

:oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:

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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star-half: Vision
:star::star::star::star-half::star-empty: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star: Technique
:star::star::star::star::star: Impact

The picture captures the tree as the "center", not just of the picture but perhaps of all around it: the "Genesis", especially with the sun shining down ON it, not just around it...it seems almost as if the sun is shining, in particular, FOR this tree.

Actually reminded me briefly of the book 'The One Tree', because this is sort of symbolic as a picture of what that book was trying to describe in words. This doesn't really require any words.

The symbolism of the tree, to me, is that of unquenchable and unshakable vitality amidst a sea of chaos; the tree seems firmly entrenched and still, even though parts of the grass are obviously being moved by the wind. The background seems to stretch out forever, but there is nothing obvious (and I think, implied - nothing at all) that otherwise deserves center stage: there could be a million other things to focus on, but here, as displayed by "Cue The Sun", the tree IS center stage.

It's hard for a landscape to be truly "original"; even though the focus here isn't the landscape (in my opinion), but what the landscape serves only to both enhance and enshroud.

No question; in the shades, details, etc...it seems clear that this is the exact "vision" of the artist, translated to picture form.

To me, it's a pro-Earth/ecology statement, if anything. It definitely resonates in that sense, and it is thought-provoking. My assessment could be completely wrong, but that's what it is "to me"...and I think most people are impacted in ways that may or may not be intended by the artist. It's a matter of perspective.
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Thank you very much. :meow:
LadyoftheApocalypse's avatar
Very beautifully done!
AnnieBee61's avatar
i love the light
Emerald-Depths's avatar
I think this is the first time I truly experimented with strong light. I'm very happy with how it turned out.
mockingbirdontree's avatar
OMG, that's absolutely great! ☺☺☺
Emerald-Depths's avatar
Thank you very much!
jarleynygmobblepot's avatar
Undyne-The-Undy-ing's avatar
I through this was a real picture! Holy crap!
Emerald-Depths's avatar
I wish. :giggle: It would be wonderful to experience something like this.
Diahdra's avatar
breath-taking! :)
Diahdra's avatar
you are always welcome :) :heart:
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very beautifulLove 
Volinfer's avatar
It's very beautiful, I like the color contrast ~
nymsaj's avatar
Amazing. Love the focus on the tree!
Oh and I'm a Harry Potter addict too. =p 
Emerald-Depths's avatar
Thank you! :D

And I love coming across a fellow Potterhead. :iconharrypotterlaplz:
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