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Sonic Eggs to be exact. Considering I STILL get asked about it, I suppose I should finally address it in journal form here.

As much as I hate to admit it, a large part of why I haven’t continued working on Sonic Eggs over the past few years is because I personally got burned out drawing Sonic fan art. I’ve been drawing Sonic fanart since I was in Kindergarten and before I kind of dropped off of Eggs I was doing it all the time. It reached the point that being asked to do any kind of sequential Sonic fanart made me actively miserable and I expressed this with the people I worked with.

It kind of extended past that. I stopped buying the comics and while I continued to play the games I didn’t have the same kind of investment in them. Well, okay: I skipped over Boom and Lost World.

Since then, any of you who’ve kept up with me may have noticed that I switched gears more to Transformers fanart. Like Sonic, Transformers has been one of those franchises that I’ve loved and dedicated art to since I was a small child. What’s prevented some of that burnout is that most the time I’m actually working on something else entirely. For a while, nuckles87 and I have been trying to make progress on getting a website for a superhero web comic we’re working on up and running. (We’re closer to that by the way!)

Another thing I want to point out is that while I have worked on Eggs as one of the artists, I’m not really responsible for it to a terrible degree. shigamado is the one who brought this project to life and ultimately he has more sway to bring this out of limbo than I do.

I’m not sure why he hasn’t. Could be a number of reasons. One thing that can happen to projects like this is that life gets in the way. We have jobs, families, friends, obligations, all sorts of stuff that can put something like this on the back burner indefinitely. Another problem is that finding new artists to take over for previous artists can be a full time job. Not everybody has the ability or attention span to commit to a project like this long term and that’s perfectly okay.

That said, my interest in this franchise has been rekindled as of late. Some of it is because of last year’s release of Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces. An excellent game and an… okay game respectively. Sonic finally got a comic reboot of sorts with IDW picking up the license. As a fan I’m finally interested again and as a fan artist I’m finally motivated again.

I won’t make any promises. It’s been a while since I talked to shigamado, but I’m strongly considering revisiting Sonic Eggs on a somewhat regular basis if he’s game to get back in the saddle. Like I’ve said, life happens so I’m still unsure how I’ll budget it.

I want to thank all the people who have regularly asked me about the status of the comic and it actually does mean quite a lot that the lot of you still care after all these years.
You like ponies? We got ponies. Click the link to check out the latest update of horsepower written by GXEchidna and art by yours truly.


Jet out
Hey hey hey! It's that time again. New Sonic Eggs is up and ready for reading. Same time next week.


Jet out.
Okay guys, I just added some gallery folders. Not much of an update, but this way if you want to look through a specific set of art rather than just browsing featured (Not like we have much up), you can do so.

I also want to let everybody know that since ECC is the home of Horsepower, we may be adding art from that as well.

Notice: If you have done any ECC art, please let me know and I'll try to have it added to the gallery D:

Thank you

Jet out
A new page of Eggs is up on the website. Feel free to check it out.

Story by shigamado
Lines by JetBlack0X
Colors by Big-Al-Son86

And here's the link to the page! enjoy B)

Jet out

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