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Once again, I don't own anything here, this is strictly for entertainment purposes.


It took Claire a moment to find Nathan once she was back inside, the crowd seemed to press in all around her as she made her way towards him. As soon as she reached her dad, she grabbed his hand and pulled him into the hallway.

"Claire, that was-"

"Dad, its Sylar" Nathan could feel his daughter trembling. He immediately grabbed her arms and searched her eyes. "He was masquerading as someone else until he got me alone with him on the balcony. He wants to play a game."

Nathan was confused. "What do you mean? Did he hurt you?"

There was a fine trembling in all her muscles. "He kissed me."

Nathan was about to press her for more information but she shook her head. "We can't afford to lose any time. We have to get Angela and Peter and then I'll explain everything!" At his hesitant stance Claire pulled away. "Please Dad!"

"Let me make my excuses and get your grandmother and uncle, we'll meet downstairs in five minutes." With that Nathan disappeared back into the crowded party, leaving Claire all alone in the dark hallway.

Part of her was scared that Sylar would jump out at her, forsaking the game and taking her away. Fighting panic, Claire pulled out her cell phone and called her dad, she had to warn him about Sylar. A few rings later she was transferred to his voice mail.

After leaving a message asking him to call her back as soon as possible she dashed to the elevator and hit the down button. She wanted to get out of the darkness and meet up with her family to tell them about the game. Minutes later she was climbing in the backseat of a limo followed by her grandmother, uncle and father.

"Would someone like to tell me what this is all about?" Peter sounded put out, he had been chatting up a pretty brunette when Nathan had pulled him from the party.

Claire dug her fingers into the seat and gave him an answer. "Sylar is back."

Peter gave her a patronizing look. "And you know this, how?"

"She's seen him" Angela sounded worried and sure all at once. Claire had to wonder if she hadn't seen this already. As if she could read her mind, Angela looked at Claire sadly. "He must have found a way to keep me from seeing his intentions." She looked at Claire sadly. "I'm sorry."

Peter was still angry at being pulled from the party. "Pardon me for asking, but how come he didn't just slice your head open and take your power?" Anger filled Claire at his tone. He obviously didn't believe her.

"Because he wants to play a game. He said he'd give me a chance to win, to keep him from taking me and your powers."

That got Peter's attention. "What do you mean taking you?"

"He already has my power. He took it the day he attacked me. Please, just listen to me"

Claire quickly explained the game, blanching when she told them of the stakes. By the time they got to the Patrelli mansion they all had somber expressions on their faces. Nathan lead them into his study and poured himself a glass of scotch, downing it in one swallow before facing Claire.

"If we have to play, we better figure out all the rules."

Claire clenched her fists and looked at all of them one at a time. "We may not have to play. I can stop this right now."

To her surprise, it was Angela who protested first. "No! You can't give in to him. I won't let you."

"We won't let you!" Peter corrected.

"It's our problem too." Nathan said.

Peter stepped forward and touched her arm. "He's evil. You can't just give in because we're involved"

Angela sat down on the leather couch and looked up at her granddaughter. "I don't think that there is any point in arguing about this. Because of what Claire said before, she already agreed to the game."

"I did." Claire said. "I didn't know- When I agreed to the game I thought it was just between the two of us. I didn't know he would involve you."

"And he said the game had started. Which means-"

"There is nothing she could do to change it now, even if she wanted to." Angela finished Nathans sentence crisply.

Nathan looked uncomfortable. "Like I said, we had better figure out the rules."

Claire's eyes filled with tears. "My dad is involved. I have to warn him and get him here as soon as possible. Sylar said he was going after him first."

As if by magic, her cell phone started ringing. Looking down at the display she saw her fathers number light up across the screen. She practically sobbed in relief. She flipped open the phone and didn't give him time to speak, "Daddy, Sylar is back! You have to get to the mansion as quickly as possible."

"I'm sorry Claire, Noah can't come to the phone right now."


"What have you done to him?" How could he have gotten to him so fast?

"I haven't done anything to him Claire, just moved him to my base. Don't worry, I'll take good care of Daddy. That's one down, three to go. Are you sure you want to play? Give in and he goes free."

Claire's eyes flashed to her family and she was filled with resolve. "I'll get him back on my own terms, thanks."

"I do love your spirit." She could practically feel Sylar's smile over the line. "See you soon."


Feedback is welcomed, both good and bad! Also, Still looking for a beta reader, so pm me if you're interested.

Special thanks to all my reviewer for chapter 1!
Chapter two!

All reviews are welcome!
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ooh yay! one down! (i could so beta for you, if you'd allow me)
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