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Disclaimer: I don't own anything here. I took a heavy dose of L.J. Smiths Forbidden Game trilogy and mixed it with Heroes because that is the scene that my muse acted out with her action figures.

This is un-beta'd so if anyone is interested in being my beta please let me know!

This takes place in an AU where Sylar already has a few powers and doesn't need to kill, Claire is 18 and just graduated from high school.


Claire hated political functions. Ever since she had been publicly acknowledged by her father it had been one event after another. It didn't help that she had to have a date for the event. Not for lack of trying, her social life had taken a nose dive after word had gotten out that she was Nathan Petrelli's daughter.

Brian was a nice boy, too nice, too interested. Claire had seen it all night: the look in his eyes, the way he held her, the way he talked to her. He was such a nice guy, so handsome, and she felt nothing.

"Your dad seems to like me," he was saying.

"Mmm," Claire said, thinking that she had to get away from the smell of his aftershave and hating herself for it. She wished desperately that someone would save her.

Someone did.

It was another guy, and he wanted to cut in. Claire tried to hide her gratitude as she transferred herself to the new guy's shoulder. She didn't care who he was. He'd saved her from Brian, and from her guilt at coming with him under false pretenses.

The new guy held her very tightly. Claire floated in his arms and let her mind drift back to the events of a couple of months ago.

She had been about to go to the homecoming game, she was alone in the locker room when she had felt the tingly in her spine. Running away had felt like a very good idea and she had just spun around to the emergency exit when she had felt arms wrap around her waist. Acting on instinct she had kicked high and managed to catch her attacker off guard. He had let her go and she made a break for it only to find herself slammed up against the lockers by unseen hands.

When her attacker had stepped into the light, he gave her a devilish grin.

"Hello Claire."

If her uncle Peter hadn't shown up she would probably be dead. He had distracted Sylar long enough for them to get away.

What was worse than knowing that she had been attacked for her power was knowing that he would be back. Sylar didn't give up and he didn't miss.

Claire and the new guy swayed a little away from the other dancers. He actually seemed to know something about dancing, or at least he was semi-mobile. It was darker near the balcony, and Claire felt strangely isolated.

Time seemed to be stretching. They were on the threshold of the balcony now, and Claire could look out over the ocean. It was even darker here, spotlights reflected off the water looking like a handful of moons.

Oddly, there was no one on the balcony. Claire thought it would have been packed but there was nobody here, or at least nobody she could see in the dark. Her partner was leading her to the darkest corner and she couldn't seem to resist.

Here on the balcony she could feel the night air, just faintly cool on her arms and the back of her neck. The music seemed distant. She could no longer make out the words.

As loud as the music had been, the roar of the ocean drowned it. They were near the edge of the balcony now. The waves were hissing and crashing on the beach below. An eerie sound, Claire thought, her mind strangely muddled.

A familiar feeling started creeping up her spine and all at once she was awake. Awake with chills sweeping over her and icy terror in her stomach. Her whole body tingled

'I have had to get out of here!'

Then, at last, she tried to pull away. Her partner wouldn't let her. She was held in a grip of steel. One of his arms was trapping hers and the other was cradling the back of her head.

Claire couldn't move. There was no question of screaming. She was alone with him on the balcony, separated by what seemed like miles from the party. She could no longer hear the music, only the wind in the palm trees and the ocean crashing below. They were very close to a very long drop.

She could see a strand of her partners hair now, above a shirt collar as black as his tux. She hadn't realized that before – he was in all black and his hair was just as dark.

A voice whispered in her ear, "Hello Claire."

Everything went gray.

Blood roared in Claire's ears. She was thrown back in one instant to the moment Sylar had pinned her to the wall. She felt the same riptide dragging at her, the same mindless, helpless terror. She was falling into emptiness.

She didn't faint. She wished she could fade into the oblivion but she couldn't. She just hung in his arms, barely supporting her own weight. He was going to kill her.

Sheer terror gave her the strength to take her own weight and try to get away again. To her surprise, he let her. She reeled back against the railing and gave a strangled sob, holding back tears as she looked up at him.

Sylar was a shock to the senses, his entire face was shadowed and he radiated smugness.

She should have stuck with her date, she had been so stupid to come out here with him. She had forgotten he could look like anyone he wanted. Maybe some part of her had known, wanting to just get it over with, she didn't trust herself.

She had been so scared for so long.

"Why don't you just do it?" she said. Her voice was clear in spite of the terror she felt. "Go ahead and kill me."

He tilted his dark head and smiled. She had forgotten that smile. Wolf-hungry. The sort of smile that sent you running and screaming, or to make you collapse in a heap on the floor.

"Is that what I want to do?"

"That's what you brought me here for, isn't it?" Claire wrapped her hands around the railing as he took a step forward, his face coming into the light. "Go ahead and do it"

His eyes glittered in the moonlight. "All right," he said, and kissed her.

She was trembling instantly. Falling. Soaring. The electricity he carried around inside him raced through her veins, tingling every nerve ending. The sweet shocks sent her mind reeling.

'Oh God. This is wrong. He's evil. He wants to kill me!'

Her body didn't listen.

He was kissing her, tiny sweet kisses that made her think of soft summer rain and long ones that turned into wild thunderstorms. As if they were lovers rather than hunter and prey.

And she was kissing him back. Her arms were wrapped around his neck, one hand pulling him closer. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her to him, changing the angle and pressure of his lips. She gasped for air when he pulled back, his lips barely touching her own.

"Claire," he said, his lips brushing against hers as he spoke. He sounded triumphant, like he had just found something he had been looking for. "You see how it is with us? You can't fight it anymore than I could."

"No." Claire whimpered, his face was so close. He looked dangerous.

"I already have your power Claire. I've had it since that day I had you up against that wall." He brushed his lips against hers again and she shivered "You've put up a good fight but this is destiny. We were meant to be together, give in."

"No!" finally able to tell her body what to do, Claire shoved him. The force sent her against the balcony railing again. She debated jumping over, just letting gravity get her away from him. It wouldn't hurt for long. She would be able to get away.

As if reading her mind, Sylar stepped forward and grabbed her wrists. He searched her eyes as his body pinned her to the railing.

"You're going to fight me to the end aren't you?" Claire was unable to take her eyes off his. He gave her that chilling smile again, "Alright, you're exciting when you're angry."

He let her wrists go and took a step back. His eyes raked her up and down. "You look beautiful."

He took her hand and she felt him slip something on her finger. A ring. She had never felt so terrified in her life.

He smiled down at her trembling form. She was his.

"I've only come to collect what's mine." he said, stepping back and letting her hand go. She immediately tried to rip the ring off her finger. He smiled again. "It won't come off. Even if you cut off your finger, it will just show up on the one that regenerates."

Tears filled her eyes and she wiped at them angrily. Sylar reached forward and cupped her face in one hand as he traced her jaw with one finger, raising it to run over her slightly swollen lips.

"You know you'll come to me." it wasn't a question.

Claire glared at him and shook her head, temporarily robbed of speech at his close proximity.

"You know, I could just make you. It is one of my powers." She nodded. She had
know that ,but at least she wouldn't go with him willingly.

"Why don't we play a game." That hungry smile was back. "I could just force you, but I'll give you one chance. One throw of the dice. If you win, you're free. If I win, you're mine."

'Oh God'

"Do you want to play? Or do I just take you now?"

'Don't panic, think! It's your only chance!'

"One throw of the dice," she said softly. "I'll play."

"No holds barred, for any of the players"

Panic filled Claire. "Wait a minute!"

"Did you think I wouldn't be serious? I want you."

"This is just between us!" He loved hearing her say that. "This is just between you and me!"

"No. The players are all the people who would keep us apart. Noah, Nathan, Angela, and Peter. The Game starts now, I'm going to catch them one by one starting with Daddy. If you find where I'm keeping them before I get all of them, you all go free. If I win, I get their powers and I get you."

'What have I done? I'm not ready, I don't know the rules. What if I lose?'


She was interrupted by his lips and before she realized it, she was responding.

When it was over he held her tightly to his chest, breathing in the scent of her hair
and memorizing the feel of her against him. It wouldn't be long before she was his forever. Claire listened to his heartbeat for a moment. Wild, quick... like hers.

"Let the games begin" he whispered. Releasing her from his hold he jumped over the railing and was gone.

All of a sudden she could hear the music again, the sound of the guests laughing reached her ears and she took a shaky breath. She could still taste him.

The game starts now

She knew Sylar meant it. She didn't have a lot of time.

Any feedback is appreciated!
Because I love Sylaire.
Berrybaby27 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Cool story! I really enjoyed it. Is there more to come?
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