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The family business

reaping people, judging souls

Just a silly idea I had yesterday while chatting with :iconavastguitars: Because I had some reading about Persephone and her role as queen of the Underworld and apparently she was summoned for casting curses along with Hades, and many times she was summoned on her own... Apparently people used to be more um...careful when making sacrifices or speaking prayers because hahaha...lady Persephone, we don't want to make Lady Persephone mad : D

on tumblr: [link]

Art/interpretation is ours. Greek myths are well...Greek.
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Nice save Thanatos 
SmugglerEllie's avatar
Scared over the possibility of Underworld God-King can simply wipe your existence in one move, mostly.
VendettaX13's avatar
Me encanta!!!!! Por favor sigue dibujando cómics de mitología griega, lo que he visto hasta ahora eran increibles.
PD: Da gusto encontrar a españoles por aquí.
emedeme's avatar
muchas gracias me alegro un monton de que te gusten <3 lo siento pero ya no hago tiras de estas :_)
VendettaX13's avatar
Jo, es una pena, pero no importa, seguiré todo lo que hagas
emedeme's avatar
ay jo muchisimas gracias <3
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This absolutely perfect! 
ladyblackbird13's avatar
Oh Thanatos, you! :iconrobertishappyplz:
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Thanatos, you are awesome
You can be both, Thanatos (I'm pretty sure Hades is right now!), just don't mentioned the second part to your boss.
IaBlMeanie's avatar
that was great!
emedeme's avatar
shadowhood100's avatar
I love how as soon as Thanatos mentioned aroused, the panel turned...considerably darker lolz
Thanatos, please choose your words wisely, or you'll be mauled by Hades and then I won't have my awesome snark medicine anymore Q____Q
emedeme's avatar
Because you just don't joke about the boss' wife :giggle: 
Enuwey's avatar
Oh my gosh this is adorable! :D
emedeme's avatar
misi-chan's avatar
Aun sin haberlo leído, de momento creo que Thanatos es mi favorito xDDD Tó sassy y tó entusiasta, di que sí. Baby <3
emedeme's avatar
No te voy a mentir...Thanatos es de mis favoritos. Los quiero a todos pero es que Thanatos is a little shit XD
Blueberry-me's avatar
Still aroused.
Aunque mejor que se lo quede para sus adentros o no creo que le vaya muy bien a Thanatos xD
emedeme's avatar

Si, Thanatos cari, mejor guardatelo XD
queen-scribbles's avatar
Well, if you weren't scared of her Thanatos, be very scared of her husband, since he doesn't look like he appreciates that comment. ;P

This is pure awesome, but I'm sure you knew that already. XD
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