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Threadbare Heart
I’ve got a threadbare heart, and I can’t sew.
For all it’s been through, I’ve got so little to show.
My leaps to euphoria and falls back into pessimism,
Pumping blood through my veins to say “you’re alive”,
Have worn down the strings that hold all of me –
All the pieces of me – all together, as one complete being.
It’s just patchwork now – something old, something new,
So much borrowed, and the many things I outgrew.
There’s no whitespace left. No clean slates to be found.
There’s just layers, layers, layers... a past, accumulated.
It’s been tugged at, strings fraying, snapping loose,
And parts have been torn away – replaced hastily,
The messy substitution at home in the compilation.
So I hide it away, wrapped carefully in red silk,
A fragile attempt to conceal the mismatched pieces below,
Worn down odds and ends clinging desperately together.
How easy it is to forget the beauty of a threadbare he
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In a world where most would rather drown in another’s lips,
I’m the odd one out for wanting to drown instead in their poetry,
Expressed not by their feeble attempts to close a gaping distance,
Left between not just gaping mouths (waiting) or between hearts,
But by the melody (or perhaps harmony) played by each part of them,
Each part of their mind, body, and soul, trying to learn their own place,
Seeking their individuality, all the while seeking the crux of cohesion.
I’d rather spend a night with a tangled mind, than tangled sheets,
Where the language used is that of another seeking understanding,
Not that of things-done-in-the-dark-of-the-night-alone-together.
I’m not looking for a connection found only between joined hands,
But between two paths in life walking, tenaciously, the same road.
I’d much prefer to die “alone” than die to “connections” while living,
Because at least that way I only “die” once, not many times
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Sun And Moon
I am reminded all too often,
That like the sun and moon,
We have a whole world between us.
Where I am naught but a reflection,
You stand alone, shining, daily,
In all of your radiant beauty,
And all I can do is bask in it,
Hoping your light will continue,
Fighting my shadows away.
Perhaps, though, that itself,
Is what makes you so beautiful –
Your unattainability.
I am reminded all too often,
That like the moon and sun,
We have a whole world between us.
Where I am naught but a premonition,
You lie in wait, glowing, nightly,
In all of your elegant sombre,
And all I can do is herald it,
Making people wish it comes soon.
Perhaps, though, that itself,
Is what makes you so beautiful –
Your clockwork probability.
We are bound to stand opposite,
Never meeting but in stories.
None are more star-crossed than us.
Two halves, wanting to be whole.
You are only wanted every morning,
Because I swallow the sky each night.
I am only allowed to appear at all,
Because I may share in your lig
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A Sonnet Darling
Darling, I’d say I’d write you a sonnet,
But too often it seems that you are one.
A “beautiful” set of phrases, strung together,
Each placed so carefully, to be appealing,
But also to carry the heavy weight of a message,
Honey-coated to mask the bitterness of its meaning.
Maybe I’ve just seen too much of the truth,
Or I’ve taken far too much interest and joy,
In taking you apart piece by piece in my mind,
Deconstructing who you are beneath your masks,
And determining the message in the medium.
I know both all too much and all too little of you.
While I wish to jump in headfirst, I cannot,
Due to my fear to dip even my toes in your depths,
As I worry I’ll drown just by gazing too long.
So darling, I’d say I’d write you a sonnet,
But I already cannot help but see you as one.
A collection of carefully carved masks,
Like carefully chosen and placed words,
Hiding a person who doesn’t know them self,
Like the message to be interpret
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Lost My Heart Somewhere
It seems I’ve lost my heart somewhere
Perhaps in the depth of my emotion
Or thrown to the wind without a care
While pursuing some foolish notion
Perhaps in the depth of my emotion
When I found that I’d lost my way
While pursuing some foolish notion
I forgot what I hoped to convey
When I found that I’d lost my way
I gave up and my hope was soon lost
I forgot what I hoped to convey
As I realized my folly’s true cost
I gave up and my hope was soon lost
Or thrown to the wind without a care
As I realized my folly’s true cost
It seems I’ve lost my heart somewhere
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Often it feels like I have spent
My whole life walking on eggshells.
I used to see it as something that was bad,
As I crushed things in my footsteps and
Grew blisters, then scars, on my feet.
But then I learned the fact that
Eggshells are great for fertilizing things,
And I have been stepping along them,
Burying them behind me all my life,
Until my feet no longer felt them,
And my ears had learned to tune them out.
So now I simply hope that wherever I
Have stepped across a broken path
And left it behind me, broken further,
Crushed in the wake of my wandering ways,
That somehow, in all I’ve left behind,
Something has taken life in my footsteps.
Hindsight is indeed 20/20, after all,
And gardens make a beautiful view.
They also make a beautiful break,
From the nothingness that lies ahead;
And empty path, covered in eggshells,
That I have yet to walk, this life.
I used to despise that nothingness,
And all the eggshells that lay there.
I hated that no one had forged a path.
I hated th
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Love Makes a Woman?
I’ve heard it said, lately, that
“love makes a woman more beautiful”.
That somehow, being loved
Brings out some sort of beauty in a woman,
That only the doting affection, or perhaps,
Mere attention, of a man, can bring out.
I’ve heard it said, lately, that
“love makes a woman seem younger”.
That somehow, being loved
Turns back the pages of time, almost as if
Their face was a book, creases being smoothed
In a way that only a man can do so.
I’ve heard it said, lately, that
“love makes a woman seem brighter”.
That somehow, being loved
Is like changing night to day,
Swapping moonlight for a brilliant sunshine,
That only a man can beckon out of hiding.
I’ve heard it said, lately, that
“love makes a woman more driven”.
That somehow, being loved
Gives a woman a greater purpose,
And thus a greater drive to fulfill a purpose,
That only a man can give her to pursue.
So really,
I’ve heard it said, lately, that
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Atypical Damsel
I’m not some typical, teary-eyed damsel in distress,
And not just because I’ll take blue jeans and a tee over wearing a dress.
The idea of starting trouble and then crying wolf to see who listens
Just seems to me to be asking for someone who will make all my decisions.
I’m not a mere bundle of potential for beauty if I weren’t one “other half” short,
Because I am, in and of myself, complete, with no need to resort
To starting wars just to place myself in the middle of a fight,
In the hopes of somehow catching the attention of some dreamed-up “Mr. Right”.
If you think that for me to find happiness in my life, I need to be “taken”,
I’ll let you know now that you are, in fact, sorely mistaken,
Since the fact that I’m hoping my solo will become a duet some day,
Doesn’t mean I can’t take on the journey of life doing things my own way.
I’m not the girl who’s going to be reminding you constantly
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I know you wanted us to end,
You just saw the ending as something different,
More climatic.
You wanted us to end in sheets as tangled
As all the lies you weaved around me,
Ensnaring me in the falsities of fancies
Fleetingly realized as a real-life fantasy.
You wanted us to end with fireworks,
Drawing attention and drowning out
All of my pleading, sobbing whispers,
Begging you to please stay with me.
You wanted us to end in a sunset,
Where the finality of something
Drawing to a close is ominous,
But the beauty of the moment is stronger.
You wanted.
You wanted.
You wanted her.
You got her.
I was the price.
You don’t seem to mind that.
I’m thankful.
You spared me being spun deeper,
Tangled further in your web of lies,
Because you finally cut the rope,
Because you did not want us.
You spared me being burned out,
One last fleeting bang as I come to a halt,
By saving those fireworks for the next girl,
Because you did not want us.
While you did not spare me that sunset,
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When I hand myself to you, please be careful. I may look like clear plastic, like I should stretch and bend without breaking, but I’m just cheap glass. I look even less valuable than I am. Be wary, though, that I am still glass. Handle me carefully or I will break. I will shatter into shreds and shards in your hands. Then the pain of falling apart again will be only overruled by my concern that you had cut yourself on a sharp edge of my broken state. Please try to put me back together, though.  I have learned I can almost fix myself, given enough time, but it seems the pieces always end up crooked, or in slightly the wrong places. I construct as much as I deconstruct. So I do not ask to be pampered. I am not asking that this glass piece is placed on a mantle, polished daily, to be the awe of all guests. I am not asking to be even taken out of the box where I will likely be placed. I am just asking to be handled gently. That is all. After all, I do not want you to hurt yourse
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Black Sheep
Black sheep,
Black sheep,
Have you any friends?
Yes, sir.
No, sir.
It depends.
Yes when they need me,
No when they don’t,
Sometimes I feel like it’s all just a show
Black sheep,
Black sheep,
Have you any friends?
Yes, sir.
No, sir.
It depends…
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Take Me Down With You
I wonder if you knew,
When you decided to lace your fingers through mine,
That you would lace not only our fingers,
But also my heart,
With barbed wire,
Or poison –
I’ll let the autopsy tell you:
I’ve no way of knowing,
But at least you can then
Or deny
That what you left
As a backup in case I left
Or perhaps if, like you did,
You left
And swallowed poison yourself,
That your trick – or tricks –
I’ll never find out how many –
Succeeded in their goal
And took me down with you
Since that was the only way
That we would be together.
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There were four in line for a very brief time
And they all claimed that they were right
But the first chose another for their day in the summer
Only wanting me when it came night
Then the second took a chance as he asked my love
And he promised he’d always be mine
But while I remained his through the good and the bad
He stopped being mine over time
Then the third a surprise yet of course he was not
As he had my back through it all
But distance is a thing that cannot be fixed
No matter how hard you fall
So the fourth came along in that time of despair
With naiveté and a smile
But they got cold feet and had to put things on hold
For at least a little while
Now I’m left here alone pacing on my own
With a nervousness in my gait
‘Cause I’m sure five will come at some point in time
I’ve just never really loved to wait
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Little Rose Woman
Little girl with rose petal hands
She reaches out to touch the world
But it pulls back from her, why,
Because every rose has its thorns
She doesn’t understand it
Why it pulls away from her
And rubs the flower petals
Until they wilt and fall off
There are still no answers
To why the world pulled
Away from such soft hands
And she has lost them
Callouses are where youth should be
And now that innocence has died
Leaving instead only that
Which turned the world away before
Nothing left to give of youth
Flowers petals wilted and dead
No hands to reach out with
Only thorns to isolate in fear
Until a green thumb comes
And regrows her petal hands
Even with all the thorns
Because his petals want some to hold
Then she can know the truth
Nothing was wrong with her
It was the fear of the world
And for a time it got her, too
She’ll grow again, though
Someday her petals will heal
And then they too will reach out
And heal those of a thorn-strung heart
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Emdaisy1's Profile Picture
Geeky programming student in college. 19. I write things, to keep the waves in my mind from washing away the shores of sanity. That's all I intend to really post here. We'll see if that holds true or if I eventually give art a shot.

P.S. I accept writing requests. I enjoy having a set topic to write on and requests present a nice challenge that I may use to entertain my time as well as advance my skill and experience in writing.

P.P.S. Constructive criticism/feedback is always appreciated!


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Their Questions:
1. What's the most annoying thing you can think of?
Not sure. I have many stupid pet peeves. However, I guess one of the overall most annoying things is when people don't treat other people well. That just seriously makes me angry.
2. What would you do if everyone you ever knew vanished and you were left alone?
Cry. Pray. Put on music and watch movies and cuddle my cat to feel less alone.
3. How would you react if someone told you that you only had 2 weeks left to live?
I'd probably just say "If God wills it, then I know He'll bring me to be okay with it, and ready to go home when it comes."
4. What's your favourite type of book?
Just one? HAHAHAHAHA *wipes tears from eye corner from laughing* ALL THE BOOKS! (insert "all the ___" meme)
5. If you could change any 1 thing about yourself what would it be?
I'd make my body unable to gain weight over what I am now so I could eat all the junk foods I wanted and not get fat. :P LOL kidding. I honestly am mostly comfortable in the skin I'm in. :)
6. Describe yourself in 5 words.
1. Intelligent
2. Deep yet sassy (I cheated but whatever...)
3. Romantic
4. Na´ve
7. How would you react if butterflies took over the world and began using humans as slaves?
Obviously I'd be the epic rebellion leader and take the world back over. Duh. ;)
8. Have you ever signed up for something and then immediately regretted it?
Life? KIDDDINGGGG. I never got a choice in signing up for that. ;) (again, kidding, I do legit love life)
9. What is the most romantic/adorable thing you've ever read?
...... Idk?
10. What is the one thing you would rather die than have to go through?
CHILDBIRTH. Kidding. Although, like, if I could have kids and skip the whole labor thing YES PLEASE. XD
Guess I just can't seriously pick one because I know pain grows a person, and without all the pain in my past I wouldn't be half who I am today.

Not tagging people since this died a few weeks ago and I just took forever to do it. XD


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