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Do you think food art is a good idea?  I've seen whole sculptures and arrangements made from meals, or just one food item.  It's pretty fascinating stuff, making food look like something it's not, it might even make a good business for someone who has enough ideas and talent...

I saw Martha Stewart make some ice cream look exactly like a baked potato.  It blew my mind.

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I'm all for it if you are going to do something like this: [link]
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While I am not personally into food art (I can barely feed myself and all I eat is pasta! ^^;) I think it is some damn cool stuff! The only problem with it is its so pretty, I don't want to eat it. FOOD YOU CAN'T EAT! OH NOES!

Thank you for linking to my site ([link]). Your comics look great. I will take the time to read them sometime.

Thank you,
Paul Danger Kile
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I think food art is an awesome idea. I did it once, and even then it was just playing around --> [link]

So yeah, I'd say go fer it :P
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brownie monsters
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God.... Martha Stewart is so rad sometimes. I'm generally in favour of megastylish plating, but never at the cost of flavour.
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Decepticookies and Autobuscuits. 'Nuff said. XD!!!

And I think it's an interesting idea, and appealing to the eye. It's only downfall is that it's perishable.
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A guy came to my art class who made stained glass art out of bologna. It was .....weirdly pretty. But after you find out what it is you're like "LOL WHAT?!"
It doesn't last long so get good pictures.
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