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I post art, screencaps, and chat a little over on tumblr and twitter at these links:
TUMBLR: emchromatic
TWITTER: emchromatic

Also on facebook and instagram, though I won't post fanart on those ones as much.
FACEBOOK: emilykuzniaart
INSTAGRAM: emilykuznia

For contacting me about my art, e-mail is a good way to reach me.

And my portfolio website is, where you can shop my t-shirt designs and art prints.
So some of the sites I sold shirts on are now doing digital print-to-order.  It means they're available anytime now if you don't mind that the printing technique is different.  (Silkscreen style printing may reappear now and then in their weekly feature sales.)

Here's all my designs you can currently buy!

I'm Here to Rescue... uh...:…
Ill-Gotten Trinkets:…
Pet Food:
Survival of the Funnest:…
You're not one of us anymore, Pluto.:…
Feathered Friends:…
My mermaid t-shirt is back on sale for a week (until Nov 5) if anyone's interested! Buy here:…
Welp, this thing for the DA shirt contest up for voting now.…

(And as a general reminder, I have a tumblr now: )
My princess-and-dragon shirt is back on sale, for one week only (7/16-7/22)! Buy it here:…

Oh yeah, on a side note, I should also mention that I'm using Tumblr a lot now. Here's mine:
I have a new shirt print!  If you like dinosaurs or birds, take a look!…

This week it is $12, and afterwards it will be $18.  A dollar out of ever shirt sold goes to charities.
I have a new shirt over at shirt.woot!  Dragon-lovers should enjoy this one.…

(And on a side note, if you want to see me print at DeviantArt, drop a vote on… for me please!)
Hey guys, I could use some help! I entered a shirt contest on DA, but to even be considered for print it needs to be in the top 50 by vote.  So please take a second to click the "I'd wear it!" button for me! I would appreciate it.…
My new shirt, called "Pet Food", is available for purchase for a limited time here:

Buy it before it's gone!
My Lobster Knight shirt is on sale now until noon tomorrow! Just $12, buy it before it's gone!
I have a shirt for sale at tomorrow for 24 hours only, starting at noon on August 3rd until noon on August 4th, Pacific time.  It's $12, Lobster Knight. You can preview it here:…
I'm a semi-finalist in the Dr. Pepper Pepperland contest hosted by DeviantART!

News article:…

My entry:…

Wish me luck!
Well I've been kinda quiet here... but I haven't been unproductive! I guess I'm just less of a show-off? Haha. Well, I have an art blog up for things like figure drawings and graphic designs. Http:// So there's some stuff there not seen here... and some things here not seen there.

In any case, I'll try to update a little more.

By the way, since I get asked this once in awhile: yes, it's okay to get yourself a tattoo based on something I drew.  I'd really like to see a picture of it when it's done, though!
Aah, I have ANOTHER shirt print!  So at this moment I have two for sale:

Ill-gotten Trinkets:…
Survival of the Funnest:…

I don't think the lion one will be available much longer, so if you want it buy it soon.
New shirt for sale, buy it at shirt.woot!  Click here:…
Wow.  Where are all these new +favs I'm getting all of the sudden today for my old Sonic fanart coming from?
I won a t-shirt design contest over at Shirt Woot and my shirt is up for sale now!  If you want to buy it, it's only $15 with free shipping!

Take a look at it here:…
I think I'm going to be deleting some things from my gallery soon.  Just stuff I can't stand looking at anymore.  I'll try not to go too crazy on that, but... expect some things to disappear, or at the very least I'm going to be moving a lot of junk to my scrapbook.  Mostly older works.  If you're worried I'm going to delete something you like, you're welcome to save it onto your computer.

Website: Ravenous

Webcomics: Evilish

Tegaki Art Blog</a> Chewilicious
Can anyone tell me about... good drawing/painting programs?  I feel clueless.  All I have to work with is Paint Shop Pro 7.2 and that's like... almost 8 years old.  I feel very limited... the quality in line and the ability with color is... well, I can't do anything really good with it.  I'm way behind.

Website: Ravenous

Webcomics: Evilish

Tegaki Art Blog</a> Chewilicious
Do you think food art is a good idea?  I've seen whole sculptures and arrangements made from meals, or just one food item.  It's pretty fascinating stuff, making food look like something it's not, it might even make a good business for someone who has enough ideas and talent...

I saw Martha Stewart make some ice cream look exactly like a baked potato.  It blew my mind.

Website: Ravenous

Webcomics: Evilish

Tegaki Art Blog</a> Chewilicious