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A Cuphead original

This was one of those things I thought about while drifting off to sleep one night....I pictured Cuphead in Spongebob's place (and vice versa) when he's having that pensive moment while in a cafe. While not all of my mental images end up on the canvas, this one did pretty quickly.

Anyway, feel free to caption this any way you want, whether it refers to the difficulty, the strange fanbase, or anything else that comes to mind.
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why are we still here
just to suffer?
every night
I can feel my leg
and my arm
even my fingers
the body I've lost
the comrades I've lost
wont stop hurting
it's like they're all still there
you feel it too, don't you?
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Imagine if he was voiced by Tom Kenny
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I think VOAdam's voice is perfect for cuphead's voice,
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I lost something once. I lost something I couldn't live without, my identity
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Cuphead:I lost something once,I lost something I couldn't live without,my soul contract.
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when you didn't think cuphead would be this hard
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What happened to the Cuphead fanbase? Did some major thing happen that made it awful?

I know with Steven Universe it was the fans attacking that artist who made Rose more slender in her drawings, I know Undertale has unbearable fucking fans who are either obsessed with respecting the canon or hellbent on you if you dare ship or dislike ships and that time when a Sans x Frisk fan got injured after someone gave her a cookie with needles in them (and not to mention the tumblerinas who got obsessed over Frisk and Chara's genders), I know the Rick and Morty fanbase got shitty this year with those pretentious "You need to have a high IQ to understand it!" fanboys, so what happened with Cuphead?

I know some people REALLY dislike Bendy x Cuphead, but what happened now that got it into definitive fanbase hell?
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It didn't end up as bad as I feared it would. Part of it was just my snap-judgment happening again. In fact, I'm considering getting rid of the captions on this piece.
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the sponge instead of the cup tho xD
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Because Cuphead's a cup and SpongeBob's a sponge
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No matter what, anything popular is going to have a 'bad' fanbase. It's just life at this point. But I do really love this lol Very well done!

Just, don't let 'bad' fanbases ruin your love for something you well-love. :]  
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That sum up the Cuphead fandom.
Though most of the fan arts look nice.
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The genius of putting the sponge there tho

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Cuphead has already a bad fanbase? Ew.
I though it would take more time...
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The fanbase has been around for a couple years.
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Happens to everything nowadays -_-
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And very smart commentary as well.
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