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Hello all! :wave:

The EMCCV is a new game/design tool for everyone who has ideas and wants to get them visualized!

It is inspired by the Kisekae Set System: The EMCCV is a viewer, within which you load modules (like dolls in a Kisekae viewer). Then you make a bunch of choices: what to include in the image and what colour each aspect should have, then you save the image and voilà!

There is a whole lot more in the works! For more information please visit the official website at

Here is a video to get you started!

Please consider helping this project grow! You can do this by helping financially as a patron to fund the professional artwork, by submitting your own content and by telling others about the EMCCV! :thanks:
Financial support at Patreon starts at $1/month and one of the possible rewards is a commission like this one:
Sharna lineart (Commission) by AerynDiana  Sharna  (Commission) by AerynDiana

I myself, Diana (aka Aeryn), have gone part-time to dedicate more time to this project.
We (Miranda, Luk3 and I) are only just getting started. :mwahaha: