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AFH v0.9 Sample
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I'm busy preparing an update for the EMCCV Prototype and naturally had to test the bug fixes. So here's another mostly random character. 
The new EMCCV Prototype v4.6 is coming up next week!
(Ignore the numbers in the footer of the image. I already upped them before playing around. This was generated with EMCCV Prototype v4.6 and AFH v 0.9.)

Earth The EMCCV (Extendable Modular Creative Concept Visualizer) is a new game/design system inspired by the Kisekae Set System, that allows you to generate images of your ideas. You can also create your own content!
The AFH is a module for the EMCCV and all of it is available for download at www.emccv.com.

 Please help this project grow by becoming a patron: www.patreon.com/EMCCV
 .:Bullet:. Patreon All proceeds go towards artwork for the EMCCV! Your feedback/vote counts extra and ALL your contributions count TWICE towards free premium membership for the future EMCCV community website. Additionally your contributions serve as a balance that you can spend on sketches and commissions, so get a double return! :) (Smile)
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